Our goal is to produce graduates with the technical competence to become leaders in the geotechnical engineering field. The emphasis at The University of Texas is on the practice of geotechnical engineering, and we teach theory as it relates to engineering practice. The fundamentals of geotechnical engineering are stressed, which allows our graduates to move into diverse traditional and specialized areas of the field. Our graduates are thus well-prepared to participate in the new developments and applications that will evolve during their professional careers. To accomplish these program goals, we offer a series of comprehensive courses and opportunities for student/faculty interaction.

Because surveys have shown that the greatest challenge often faced by new practicing engineers is in the area of written communication, we require that all graduate students prepare a written report during their graduate studies. The requirement is fulfilled through the preparation of a special project report, thesis, or dissertation. Preparation of the report involves extensive individual interaction with the supervising professor, thus developing the student's communication skills, individual thought processes, and problem-solving capabilities.

Our M.S. program is focused on preparing students for geotechnical engineering practice, while exposing them to geotechnical engineering research. Our Ph.D. program is more research-oriented and flexible than the M.S. program, but still requires practical training in geotechnical engineering. The course program is tailored to fit the interests and aspirations of the individual student. Some of our Ph.D. graduates go into engineering practice, while others pursue careers in research or teaching. Currently, nearly forty of our graduates hold faculty positions at universities around the world. Recent graduates have engaged in diverse research projects, ranging from fundamental studies to theoretical analyses to more applied research.