Feature Stories

More than 100 years ago, our department started with only two faculty and a small but dedicated group of students. Today, we are one of the largest, most extensive civil engineering departments in the nation, with more than 10,000 living alumni, over 1,000 students, and over 60 faculty members. Even though we are top ranking and large in size and stature, we make it a priority to connect with our students and to foster a sense of community.

These stories illustrate both why our graduates are sought out by industry, government, and academia and why our research programs continue to improve the quality of life for many.

CAEE transportation experts are leading national efforts to study different aspects of autonomous, or driverless, vehicles.

Celebrating our community of scholars at the 12th annual spring banquet.

Researchers use local materials to improve community health and demonstrate an economical water purification technology in Cameroon.

Exploring the mutually-dependent relationship between the transportation infrastructure and its users.

In a first-of-its-kind study, a team of CAEE engineers found that infants are exposed to high levels of chemical emissions from crib mattresses while they sleep.