A welcome from our President

Welcome to the Intelligent Transportation Society of America Student Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin! On this website you will find all related information about our mission and objectives, chapter history, membership, current officers and members, as well as on past and future activities. As a student organization standing for the promotion of Intelligent Transportation Systems and related applications both in the industry and academia, we are excited with and proud of what we have done and what we are going to do!

As you may know, we are part of the greater family of ITS Texas and ITS America, our state and national parent organizations respectively. We get lots of supports from them every year. We hope you enjoy this website! Thank you!

Hook 'em Horns!

Tan Wang
President of ITS at UT

ITS Mission Statement

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America, better known as ITS America, is a forum in which industry, government, and academia meet to build consensus on fostering, developing, and deploying Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems. The society's mission is to help evolve a significantly safer, cleaner, more productive, and more competitive U.S. transportation system. To this end, the Society promotes public-private-academic partnerships and co-operations in the ITS community. According to the Intelligent Transportation Society of Texas, better known as ITS Texas, their mission is to "enhance the safety and mobility of the state’s transportation system through knowledge sharing on industry innovation, technologies, and deployments, and by providing education opportunities for the next generation." For more information, visit http://itstexas.org/

ITS at UT, the ITS student chapter at The University of Texas, is one of the more than 90 student chapters that provide additional opportunities for information exchange, participation, and networking. This chapter is organized and operated by students under the supervision of the professors in the Transportation Division of the Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin.

ITS Mission Goals