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As an Assistant Professor in the CAAE department at UT-Austin, Prof. El Mohtar is committed to develop new teaching skills and techniques to facilitate conveying information to students. Prof. El Mohtar has always valued the importance of teacher-student relationship and the significance of good communication inside and outside the classroom on the performance of students.


The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind. - Khalil Gibran

Under-Graduate Classes:


CE 357: Geotechnical Engineering

CE 357 is a required Base level class and the first exposure students have to soil mechanics. This class is usually very challenging for students because of the many new concepts introduced and for the first time, students are exposed to the idea of a particulate material rather than a continuous medium. The objectives of CE 357 are: introduce the subject of geotechnical engineering (soil mechanics and foundation engineering) to civil engineering students; teach students how to solve certain fundamental problems related to consolidation, shear strength, and design of shallow foundations; and familiarize students with relevant terms and soil tests so that they can work effectively with specialists in geotechnical engineering.


Class Syllabus


CE 375: Earth Slopes and Retaining Structures (back to top of page)

This course concentrates on geotechnical engineering problems associated with the behavior of earth masses. The focus of is class centers on problems where the soil itself must be supported (rather than supporting the structures on top of it). Class discussions focus on the evaluation of stability in a soil mass, and on the design of structural supports or other remedial measures to stabilize a soil mass. Specifically, the four major areas of discussion in this course are: Soil compaction; Seepage and drainage; Slope stability; Earth pressures and Retaining structures


Class Syllabus


Graduate Classes:


CE 387L.1: Consolidation and Shearing Properties of Soil (back to top of page)

CE 387L.1 is the first graduate class that all incoming geotechnical graduate students take in their first semester at UT. The class is meant as an introductory graduate course covering the stress-strain, strength and consolidation properties of soils. The purpose of this course is to provide new graduate students with a broad understanding of fundamentals of Soil Mechanics to use in other courses, in individual research, in further reading of the literature, and in engineering practice. This course is offered every year in the Fall semester as compared to the other geotechnical engineering courses that are offered only once every three semesters, or once every two years. While the laboratory portion of CE 387L.1 emphasizes soil behavior, rather than becoming a lab expert, students will gain sufficient knowledge of the apparatus and procedures in order to perform tests properly.


Class Syllabus

CE 392L: Experimental Measurement of Soil Properties (back to top of page)

(Will be offered for the first time in Spring 2015)

Chadi El Mohtar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Geotechnical Engineering