Term Project Proposals

CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources, Fall 2001




Group 1

Tues, Nov 20

Groundwater and water assessment

Nico Hauwert

Project Posted

Recharge Zones of the Edwards Aquifer

Linlin Wang

Project Posted

Groundwater Contaminant Transport in Austin, Texas

Jun Xia

Project Posted

Water Level Distribution Map of Edwards Aquifer

John Breier

Project Posted

Groundwater discharge to the Upper Laguna Madre

Shannon Stokes

Project Posted

Modeling Groundwater Vulnverability

Gil Strassberg

Project Posted

Source water vulnerability assessment

Oscar Robayo

Project Posted

Impaired Water Bodies in Texas




Group 2

Thurs, Nov 27

Regional analysis

Zenia Hernandez

Project Posted

Modeling Commodity Movement in Texas

Venkatesh Merwade

Project Posted

Development of a Linear Measure Tool

Colleen McGovern

Project Posted

Land Use Changes in Austin, Texas

Jill Noel

Project Posted

Fire Suppression of Plant Communities

Tim Osting

Project Posted

Development of Small Acreage Sites

Ali Sari

Project Posted

Earthquake Engineering in Northwest Turkey




Group 3

Thurs, Nov 29

Water mapping

Hema Gopalan

Project Posted

Watershed Parameters in the Cypress Basin

Felicia James

Project Posted

Analysis of the Rhône River Basin, France

Hyunkyung Jung

Project Posted

Trade Flows Among Texas Counties

Imane Mrini

Project Posted

Application of LIDAR for Flood Mapping

Guifang Tan

Project Posted

Lead Contaminant Modeling in Groundwater

Lee Sherman

Project Posted

Nutrient loading in the Carona River, Venezuela

Dan Yates

Project Posted

Intersection of Cadastral and Flood Plain maps




Group 4

Tues, Dec 4

Surface water hydrology (Rio Grande)

Augustine Avwunudiogbra

Project Posted

Runoff and Erosion in Rio Panuco, Mexico

Jason Batchelor

Project Posted

Rio Bravo – Rio Grande Water Resources Simulation

Jean Parcher

Project Posted

Hydrography for the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Carlos Patino

Project Posted

Water Use and Hydraulics of the Rio Grande Basin

Brook Kintz

Project Posted

Watershed modeling in the Northern Peruvian Andes

Gabriel Milian

Project Posted

Sediment in Miami-Dade County’s C-100A Canal




Group 5

Thurs, Dec 6

Environmental and water quality analysis

Sarah Delavan

Project Posted

Hydrodynamic modeling of Lavaca Bay

Nathan Junius

Project Posted

Fishing Success in Southern Louisiana

Andrea Kopecky

Project Posted

Water quality in the Nueces Delta

Marc Russell

Project Posted

Nitrogen in the Lavaca River System

Amy Townsend-Small

Project Posted

GIS Analysis of Boston Harbor

Jon Goodall

Project Posted

Biomass in the Western Arctic Ocean

Reem Zoun

Project Posted

Time Series Data in Arc Hydro