Instructions to use Halton sequence code

  1. Download the following files to the src sub-directory within your main Gauss directory: Halton.src, Halton.ext, and Halton.dec.

  2. Download the files Xiden.fmt and Xbrat.fmt to the “Gauss\matrix” directory (create a sub-directory labeled matrix in the Gauss directory).

  3. Add the following lines in your Gauss.lcg file in the “Gauss\lib” sub-directory

                        _sbrat       :matrix
                        prim          :matrix
                        maxdigit    :matrix

                        halton        :proc
                        digitize       :proc
                        inverse       :proc        
                        creat          :proc
  1. Download the file labeled "Haltgen.Gau". Make changes to the number of draws and number of dimensions as needed (currently the number of draws is set to 20 and the number of dimensions is set to 5). Also, change the path designation appropriately in lines 22, 24, and 29 of this file (as written, the Gauss program is assumed to be in the d: directory of your computer). Finally, be sure to create a data sub-directory within your Gauss directory. Then run the program.

  2. If you selected to write sequence to file in Haltgen.Gau (_wdata=1), sequence will be written to “Gauss\data\Haltstan” or to “Gauss\data\Haltbrat” depending on whether you chose standard Halton (_sbrat=0) or scrambled Halton (_sbrat=1).

  3. If you did not select to write to file, the sequence will be in the matrix labeled “Haltmat”.