UT College of Engineering's Summer 1999

Careers in Engineering for Women (CEW)
presents Session #1's Team #6:

From left to right:
  Cindy Spitzenberger (CEW Program Assistant & UT Chemical Engineering undergraduate),
  Meredith Ragan (Dallas 6th grader -- our team's big-time programmer!),
  Lisa Daigle (Vidor 6th grader -- our Communication Specialist & Rice Krispy Treat lover!),
  Jessica Gonzalez (El Paso 6th grader -- who flew for her first time [& all alone] to get to CEW!),
  Mary Dillenbeck (Spring, TX, 7th grader -- Team Manager & big fan of raw potatoes!),
  Sarah McKinney (Pecos [home of the world's first rodeo] 7th grader -- who has her own horse!),
  & Kara Kockelman (CEW Advising Engineering & Asst. Professor of Civil Engineering at U.T.).

        Team 6 is very proud to present its kitty-cat-captivating Bewitching Beetle robot -- designed to keep even the most finicky kitty amused for hours!  This fascinating contraption begins its descent with a simple touch -- that it receives from a ball rolling down a track.  The Beetle itself then journeys down a ramp onto a forrested play area where it goes after a flying bug & conducts a wild dance!  Eventually, the idea is that the Beetle will make its way back up the ramp & be ready to begin another cat-tivating episode.
        Be ready for this robot & its play area to hit the stores near you soon!
Above Picture:  Team 6 in the throes of programming the Bewitching Beetle's wild dance sequence....

Above Picture:  Aspiring (& current) engineers lunching in the Scottish Rite Dorm's dining room.

Above Picture:  Sarah, Meredith, & Mary present the team's Bewitching Beetle & its playground on their first day of physical project development!

Above Picture:  Entire team "in action" on product development.

Above Picture: The entire group of Session 1 participants, as led by UT's own Sherry Woods.

As anyone can tell from this "photo journal", these girls are THE BEST & it's been a real treat seeing them in action every day this week.  I wish them the best of luck in achieving their dreams (may they involve some feats of engineering!).

                                                                                        Kara Kockelman
                                                                                        (Hook 'em Horns!)