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fabulous Co-pilots 

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PICTURED BELOW - Standing, left to right: Saurabh Kumar, Rui Gao, Takuya Maruyama, Parents of Xiaokun Wang, Xiaokun Wang, Kara Kockelman, Natalia Ruiz-Juri, Steve Boyles, Jared Heiner, Varun Valsaraj, Shadi Hakimi;

Seated, left to right: Jason Lemp, Brenda Zhou, Zheng Li (photo includes graduates, friends & family) May 2007

PICTURED ABOVE: Xiaoxia Xiong, Yiyi Wang, Kara Kockelman,

Aria Berliner, Donna Chen (seated), & Dan Fagnant (2012)

PICTURED Above - Seated, left to right: Shadi Hakimi,  Jun Kweon, Kara Kockelman, Kaethe Podgorski; Standing, left to right: Surabhi Gupta, David Suescun, Shashank Gadda, Pradeep Gulipalli, Jianming Ma, Xiaokun Wang, Michelle Bina, Brenda Zhou, Sukumar Kalmanje, Jamie Reckinger (2005)

current GRADUATE students:

Mr. Krishna "Murthy" Gurumurthy, MS Student
ECJ  B.120

Murthy received his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India in 2016 and landed in UT in mid-August. His area of interest is traffic modeling and simulation, and he codes in several programming languages. At UT Austin, Murthy has started working on a TxDOT-sponsored research project regarding shared autonomous vehicles, dynamic ride-sharing, and regional simulations of Austin. He hopes to serve to the community through thoughtful modeling. Learn more about Murthy at https://ctr.utexas.edu/2017/03/20/student-spotlight-krishna-murthy-gurumurthy/.



Albert Coleman, Undergraduate RA

Albert is a second-year undergraduate student from Bloomington, Texas, pursuing a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Though his interest is in structural engineering, he finds Dr. Kockelman's research fascinating and is very excited to be working for her. Albert's goal is to pursue a career building and designing cities people will love and be proud to live in!


Vivian (Weijia) Li

Vivian is a visiting scholar for one year, under China's State Scholarship Fund. She received her BS and MS degrees in transportation engineering from Chang'an University in 2014 and 2016, respectively. She began doctoral studies in 2016, and is comparing machine learning data analysis methods to traditional econometric methods for various travel data sets.





Yantao Huang, PhD Student
CTR 4.228

Yantao received his BS degree in transportation engineering from China's Central South University (CSU) in 2012, and his Master's degree in transportation engineering from Imperial College London. He then spent one year as a research assistant at Southeast University in Nanjing, China. He started pursuing his PhD at UT in January 2017, and is very interested in shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs), network simulations, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). He is contributing to travel behavior modeling and analysis research under a TxDOT-sponsored research project on the topic of smart transport systems for Texas.



Jooyong Lee, PhD Student
ECJ B.120

Jooyong received his BS and MS degree in transportation engineering from Chung-Ang University, South Korea in 2014 and 2016, respectively. After receiving his master's degree, he worked as a research associate at the university's Transportation Engineering Lab. He began his doctoral studies at UT Austin in August 2017, and is interested in Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), traffic modeling and simulations. He is now working on CAVs' emissions and energy impacts under different technology, pricing, and adoption scenarios.


Adam Nodjomian, MS Student

As the member of a military family, Adam called many places home before settling in Niceville, FL. From there he attended the University of Florida and graduated in Spring 2017 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and minor in Urban and Regional Planning. Through internships and classroom experience, Adam has only grown more interested in the field of transportation engineering. Particularly, he is interested in how the practice intersects with a variety of other aspects of society, and how new technologies and innovations will influence those connections. He is contributing to an NSF-funded Sustainable Research Network on Healthy & Sustainable Cities.

Tyler Wellik, MS Student
ECJ B.120

Ty is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and earned her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business at the University of Michigan. Through internships and work experience in the auto industry (including GM Motor Corp.), Ty became interested in the field of transportation engineering. She joined Dr. Kockelman's team in August 2018 and is passionate about sustainability. Like Dr. K, Ty believes that the field of transportation holds tremendous opportunity for enabling sustainable improvements and targeted investment. Ty is contributing to an NSF-funded Sustainable Research Network on Healthy & Sustainable Cities and is developing an integrated transport land-use model for the Austin region, using SILO and MATSim. The goal is to use this model to anticipate how AVs and shared AVs (SAVs) will impact travel behavior and long-term regional land use patterns.




Devin Wilkins, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Devin is a third-year undergraduate student, pursuing a BS in civil engineering and a BFA in studio art. She is supporting research projects for the Texas DOT (on protection of wildlife from animal-vehicle collisions across Texas) and Dallas-Ft Worth's NCTCOG (on details of and planning for connected and automated vehicles). She plans to serve her community by pursuing a career in urban transportation system design.



Haonan Yan, MS Student

Haonan received his BS in transportation engineering from Beijing JiaoTong University in China in 2017. He began pursuing his MS in transportation engineering at UT Austin in January 2018, and is interested in shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs), traffic simulation, and traffic assignment. He research involves exploring the impacts of connected & autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on cities and regions, and he is funded through an NSF Sustainable Research Network (SRN) project for Healthy & Sustainable Cities.



Many undergraduate students have worked & are working on research projects under Dr. Kockelman's supervision.  These include Albert Coleman, Caroline Leonard, James Lentz, Devin Wilkins, Jeffrey Hahm, Mike Hernandez, Tejas Choudhary, Ruohan Li, Lewis Clements, Aqshems Nichols, Scott Schauer-West, Kevin Pappas, Zelleny Lozano, Brad Caponigro, Matt Reiter, Rydell Walthall, Brice Nichols, Jonathan Lumang, Jay Chmilewski, Amy Neskar, Joy Chen, Anne Hulsey, Andrea Debee, Charlotte Whitehead, Matt Bomberg, Melissa Thompson, Robin Lynch, Kristin Donnelly, Travis Dunn, Mike Reyes, Iris Lin, Alexander Marks, Curtis Bouldin, Renee Pean, Daisy Esquivel, Jeff Easton, Victor Long, Atul Magoon, and Sze Ki (Silky) Wong.

past GRADUATE students (& Post-doctoral fellows) - and their new coordinates...

Mr. Prateek Bansal
MS Civil Engineering, 2015
Parkley Solutions

Ms. Michelle Bina
MS Civil Engineering, 2005
Cambridge Systematics
Oakland, CA 94607

Dr. Donna Chen
PhD Civil Engineering, 2015
Assistant Professor of CE
University of Virginia

Ms. Patricia Delgado
MS Civil Engineering, 2004

Dr. Dan Fagnant 
MS & PhD Civil Engineering, 2011 & 2014
Senior Artificial Intelligence Computer Scientist at General Motors
Formerly Assistant Professor of CE at University of Utah

Mr. Christopher Frazier   
MS Civil Engineering, 2004
PB Consult (Planner II)
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(505) 878-6533

Mr. Shashank Chowdary Gadda
MS Civil Engineering, 2006
Credit policy/Risk Analyst
HSBC Card Services
Salinas, CA

Mr. Pradeep Gullipali 
MS Civil Engineering, 2005
Marketing and Planning Systems
Waltham, Massachusetts


Ms. Surabhi Gupta
MS Civil Engineering, 2005
PB, San Francisco


Ms. Shadi Hakimi
MS Civil Engineering, 2005
URS Greiner, Austin TX


Mr. Jared Heiner
MS Civil Engineering, 2003
Austin, Texas

Ms. Ling Jin 
MS Civil Engineering, 2003
Hexagon Transportation Consultants
San Jose, CA

Mr. Siva Karthik Kakaraparthi  
MS Civil Engineering, 2009
HSBC Bank, Chicago, IL

Mr. Sukumar Kalmanje  
MS Civil Engineering (& MPA), 2005
KPMG, San Francisco

Mr. Mobashwir (Moby) Khan

MS Civil Engineering, 2012
Cambridge Systematics
Oakland, California


Mr. Sriram Krishnamurthy 
MS Civil Engineering, 2003
Tiger Analytics
Chennai, India


Mr. Saurabh Kumar  
MS Civil Engineering, 2007
Cambridge Systematics, Austin TX

Dr. Young-Jun Kweon
PhD Civil Engineering, 2004

Virginia Transportation Research Council
Charlottesville, VA

Dr. Jason Lemp 
PhD Civil Engineering, 2009
Cambridge Systematics, Austin TX

Dr. Jun Liu 
Post-doctoral Fellow, 2016-2017
Virginia Department of Transportation
Richmond, VA

Mr. Ben Loeb 
MS Civil Engineering, 2016
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (MPO)
Philadelphia, PN

Dr. Jianming Ma 
PhD Civil Engineering, 2006
Texas Department of Transportation
Austin, Texas

Ms. Laura McWethy
MS Civil Engineering, 2006
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Bethesda, MD  20814

Mr. Sashank Musti
MS Civil Engineering, 2010
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Oakland, CA

Mr. Brice Nichols
MS Civil Engineering, 2013
Portland Sound Regional Council (PSRC), Seattle WA

Mr. Adam Nodjomian 
MS Civil Engineering, 2018
Alliance Transportation Group
Austin, Texas

Mr. Binny Paul
MS Civil Engineering, 2011
PB, New York City

Ms. Kaethe Podgorski
MS Civil Engineering, 2005
PBS&J Austin TX

Mr. Neil Quarles
MS Civil Engineering, 2017
City of Austin, Transportation Department

Mr. Anant Pradhan
MS Civil Engineering, 2002
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
University of Chicago Business School
Deceased, January 2007 (We miss you, Anant!!)

Ms. Jamie Reckinger
MS Civil Engineering, 2005
Kimley-Horn and Associates
Austin, Texas

Ms. Natalia Ruiz-Juri
MS Civil Engineering, 2004
The University of Texas at Austin, PhD Candidate
ECJ 6.508

Mr. Brent Selby
MS Civil Engineering, 2011
Cambridge Systematics, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Raheel Shabih
MS Civil Engineering, 1999
Port Authority of New York-New Jersey 

Mr. Brian ten Siethoff
MS Civil Engineering, 2001
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
New York, NY

Dr. Sivaramakrishnan Srinivasan 
MS Civil Engineering, 2000 (PhD 2004)
Assistant Professor
The University of Florida, Gainsville

Dr. Issam Srour
MS Civil Engineering, 2002
PhD in Construction Engineering & Project Mgmt., 2005
Assistant Professor
Engineering Management Graduate Program
The American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Ms. Sumala Tirumalachetty   
MS Civil Engineering, 2009
Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India

Dr. Cara (Xiaokun) Wang
PhD Civil Engineering, 2007
Assistant Professor

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Troy, NY


Dr. Yiyi Wang
PhD Civil Engineering, 2013
Assistant Professor

Montanta State University
Bozeman, MT

Ms. Xiaoxia Xiong
MS Civil Engineering, 2012
Teaching Assistant, School of Transportation
Ningbo University of Technology, China

Dr. Yong Zhao
PhD Civil Engineering, 2003
Sr. Transportation Planner, Jacobs Engineering
Austin, TX

Dr. Brenda (Bin) Zhou
PhD Civil Engineering, 2009
Assistant Professor, Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, CT

More Photos...


PICTURED ABOVE: Scott Kilgore, Yawei He, Yantao Huang & Murthy Krishnamurty at TRB2017 (1st photo); Kara Kockelman & Dr Jun Liu at TRB 2017 (2nd photo)


PICTURED ABOVE: Standing, left to right:  Brent Selby, Binny Paul, Sashank Musti, Jason Lemp & Dan Fagnant; Front Seated, left to right: Yiyi Wang, Kara Kockelman & Sumala Tirumalachetty (1st photo), & Back row, left to right:  Jason Lemp, Shashank Gadda, Brenda Zhou, Laura McWethy, Zheng Li; Front Row, left to right: Annette Perrone (admin. assoc.), Stephen Boyles, Tian Huang & Jianming Ma (2nd photo)

PICTURED ABOVE - Jun Kweon, Issam Sour, Ling Jin, Yong Zhao, & Kara Kockelman (2000)

PICTURED BELOW - Kara Kockelman, Sukumar Kalmanje, Steve Rosen, Jianming Ma (1st photo), Cara Wang (2nd photo), Jianming Ma (3rd photo), Yiyi Wang & son Aaron (4th photo)


PICTURED BELOW - Racquetball tournament at Gregory Gym; Peter Pan miniature golf outing


PICTURED BELOW - Enjoying Mangia's pizza at Peter Pan minigolf; Flag Football Champs with Xiaokun Du & Xiaoxia Xiong (Nov. 2010)


PICTURED BELOW - Binny Paul, Moby Khan, Shoupeng Tang, Tim Dietrich & Dan Fagnant chowing down at Double Dave's Pizza; Donna Chen, Jian Xu, Kara Kockelman & Brice Nichols at UT's Underground Bowling Alley (Nov. 2012); Jian, Brice, Dan & Amy (& Sam), Kara K., & Donna with twin bowlers at UT's Underground (Nov 2012); Dan Fagnant & K Kockelman on UT Breezeway for Daily Texan article on shared autonomous vehicles (April 2014), CE367G Design Class Thank You to sponsors (March 2017)



Online videos: https://vimeo.com/167300764 (USDOT Fast Forward interview regarding autonomous vehicle capabilities & benefits, January 2016)