CE 397 GIS in Water Resources

David R. Maidment
Dept of Civil Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

Spring Semester 1997

Exercise 1. Introduction to Arcview
Exercise 2. Delineation of Watersheds and Streams
Exercise 3. Map Projections
Exercise 4. Building a Base Map and a Point Coverage
Exercise 5. Working with Statsgo Soils Data
Exercise 6. Spatial Hydrology of the Urubamba River System
Exercise 7. Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Mission Basin
Exercise on Digitizing (Voluntary) Term Projects (Order of Class Presentation)

Outstanding Term Papers - Students in the class voted on what they considered to be the three best term papers produced by the class. The winners were:

Congratulations to Karen, Mike and Carolyn for their outstanding work!!

Listing of Term Papers

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