Chul Kim

Visiting Schlor From Korea

University of Texas at Austin
Center for Research in Water Resources
10100 Burnet Rd., Bldg. 119
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: (512) 471-0073

Welcome to my home page!

This page describes ongoing research related to Hydrologic Modeling and GIS.

TOPIC: Preparing Maps for Map-Based Surface Flow Simulation Model
(Han-River Basin in Korea)


Map-Based Surface Flow Simulation Model, which is developed by CRWR, is designed to simulate surface flow runoff based on the precipitation or soil moisture contents defined on the subwatersheds of a river basin. To apply the model we need digital base maps for the application basin. One of the methods to get vector based digital map is using a DEM. Next Procedure presents the process to delineate watershed polygons and streamlines using USGS 30" DEM for the Han River in Korea. Arc/Info Grid and ArcView is used to do the work.

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