Graduate study in Construction Engineering and Project Management is concerned with all aspects of delivering constructed facilities. The complex nature of projects involves many disciplines with attendant interfaces and communication needs. For those who enter the field of Construction Engineering and Project Management, a strong background in engineering is necessary in order to effectively integrate the technical and management aspects of a project.

Construction and design are integral parts of a continuous process, and the education of a well-rounded civil or architectural engineer should include appropriate portions of both. The UT Austin program builds on the historical strengths of the department's design and analysis courses and complements them with construction-oriented offerings.


CEPM students may take a wide range of available courses. Typically, five or six different graduate courses are taught each semester by CEPM faculty. In addition, the university offers a breadth of different courses to provide a well-rounded academic experience. In this way, a student's individual program can be designed to relate to buildings, industrial, or infrastructure projects. A student is also able to focus on management, controls, automation, or other specializations within the project environment.