M.S. Degree Program

CEPM requires students to choose between two degree options: M.S. Thesis or M.S. Graduate Report.

The M.S. degree thesis option requires at least 30 semester credit hours of work beyond the B.S. degree. Included in this program are six hours of thesis and at least six hours of courses in a field outside the major. During the first semester of your M.S. program you should select a supervising professor. By the end of the semester you and your supervising professor should have a detailed objective and scope outlined for the thesis.

The M.S. graduate report may be completed without the preparation of a formal research thesis. Instead, a student may be permitted to enroll in a no-thesis program which involves additional course work and the preparation of an appropriate engineering project. Most graduate students, especially students holding University Fellowships, traineeships or research assistantships, are encouraged to complete a thesis.

Prospective students in the military should note that, historically, we have had students successfully complete the MS degree requirements in 12 months or less. However, we strongly encourage our students to expect to take 3 to 4 long semesters to complete their degree.

PH.D Degree Program

The program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy is guided by a Supervising Committee appointed by the Graduate Dean for each student. A student seeking this degree is expected to have well-developed goals. To a large extent, the Ph.D. program is adjusted to meet the student's needs, consistent with the general requirements of The University. Typical requirements for the Ph.D. degree include approximately 30 hours of course work beyond the M.S. degree pursuant to the consultation of his/her Supervising Committee. The program includes an English proficiency requirement to ensure that all Ph.D. candidates possess the writing skills necessary for effective technical communication before embarking on the dissertation writing process.

For a more details about the M.S. and Ph.D. degree options, please visit the “prospective students” section on the CAEE website.