Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

GSO is an organization made up of CEPM students in order provide an avenue for student input into the quality of their experience while in the CEPM graduate program. GSO provides opportunities to meet members of the construction community and fellow students in different social and academic settings. Through these opportunities, the GSO extends invitations to bring together all CEPM students, faculty, staff, alumni, and leaders of the construction industry. All CEPM students are highly encouraged to attend and participate in meetings held regularly during the semester.


The CEPM GSO’s mission is to leverage support for students in achieving their highest academic potential through presenting their interests to the CEPM faculty as well as promoting a series of extracurricular venues to encourage social interaction for the students, their families and friends.


The CEPM GSO will be a vital element to student and faculty interaction, which will help facilitate the continued success of the CEPM program at UT as one of the finest in the country.


Most importantly, GSO is designed to be fun! Funds are set aside annually to help facilitate the social-work life balance of graduate students. GSO is given the flexibility to plan various social events and activities. In previous years some of these opportunities included: CEPM-sponsored bowling tournament, tailgating at Longhorn football games, participating in basketball or soccer intramural tournaments, floating the San Marcos river, or putt-putting at the infamous Peter-Pan course.

Many GSO sponsored activities provide an opportunity to meet with faculty outside an academic setting, including at the annual Texas-sized welcome and goodbye BBQs. Students also support and collaborate with CEPM faculty in organizing the CEPM graduate students’ recruitment weekend and the semester orientation sessions.


The CEPM GSO facilitates various networking opportunities. From resume building workshops to connecting with prospective employers to career expo events, the opportunities are plentiful.


The CEPM GSO is administratively governed by at least seven CEPM student representatives. The duties of each representative are straightforward and require a modest time commitment. The duties of the position would entail attending the scheduled meetings, consulting with the CEPM graduate student body to identify issues and concerns, prioritizing initiatives, coordinating and providing resources for initiatives, and providing status updates to the CEPM graduate student body. Using the CEPM GSO to focus the efforts of all of the CEPM graduate students should improve the quality of the overall CEPM graduate experience.

If you would like to learn more about the CEPM GSO, we invite you to visit the GSO Facebook page.