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  Graduate students in geotechnical engineering can choose from an extensive array of classes at The University of Texas at Austin to fulfill the requirements for coursework in supporting areas. A partial list of suitable courses is given here. Students are encouraged to investigate the University's undergraduate and graduate course catalogs for other classes to broaden their graduate education.
  • CE 367P Pavement Design and Performance
  • CE 374L Groundwater Hydrology
  • CE 381P Computer Methods in Structural Analysis
  • CE 381R The Finite Element Method
  • CE 381T Numerical Modeling of Physical Systems
  • CE 385J Hazardous Waste Management
  • CE 385R Land Treatment of Waste
  • CE 391P Highway and Airport Pavement Systems
  • CE 394K.1 Groundwater Pollution and Transport
  • CE 397.20 Computer Methods for Civil Engineers
  • CE 397.78 Design of Offshore Structures
  • ASE 369K Measurements and Instrumentation
  • EM 380 Theory of Plasticity
  • EM 381 Advanced Dynamics
  • EM 382 Nonlinear Analysis
  • EM 384K Continuum Mechanics
  • EM 388 Solid Mechanics
  • EM 392R Random Vibrations
  • EM 393N Numerical Methods for Flow and Transport Problems
  • EM 394F Finite Element Methods
  • EM 394G Computational Techniques in Finite Elements
  • EM 394H Advanced Theory of Finite Element Methods
  • EM 394V Wave Propagation
  • EE 332 Computer Graphics
  • ME 335 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • ME 352K Engineering Computer Graphics
  • ME 368J Computer Aided Design
  • PGE 383.29 Rock Fracture Mechanics
  • PGE 383.45 Geomechanics of Subsurface Rocks and Fluids
  • PGE 383.54 Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics
  • PGE 386K Advanced Fluid Flow in Porous Media
  • GEO 320L Introductory Field Geology
  • GEO 428 Structural Geology
  • GEO 346C Introduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrology
  • GEO 465K Exploration Geophysics
  • GEO 365N Geophysical Data Processing
  • GEO 476K Groundwater Hydrology
  • GEO380F Introduction to Seismology, Earthquakes, and Earth Structure
  • GEO 383C Geology and Hydrology
  • GEO 393G Geochemistry of Sedimentary Rocks
  • GEO 384M Geophysical Data Modeling and Inversion


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