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Active research programs with sponsors such as the Texas Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of  Transportation, the U.S. Forest Service, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and General Motors Research Laboratories, allow graduate engineering students to participate in research studies that relate closely to their thesis or dissertation topics. Participation in research studies provides each student an opportunity to develop his/her chosen specialty area and to gain hands-on experience in solving practical transportation problems.

Multidisciplinary research in transportation is an integral component of the Center for Transportation Research.  Faculty and students from many schools and colleges throughout the University have participated in multidisciplinary research efforts in recent years. The Center for Transportation Research administers numerous research projects each year as part of the cooperative research program with the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation.  Each project is supervised by  faculty members and conducted by graduate students and supporting staff.  Most students are receiving financial assistance through the Center.

Faculty Member : Main Research Topics

Amit Bhasin: Performance Characterization of Pavement Materials

Chandra R. Bhat: Travel Demand Modeling, Activity and Travel Behavior Analysis

Stephen D. Boyles: Network Modeling, Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Transportation User Behavior

Christian Claudel: Control and Estimation of Distributed Parameter Systems, Cyberphysical Systems Monitoring, Use of Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Applications

Kara M. Kockelman: Transportation-Land Use Modeling, Transport Economics, and Safety

Randy B. Machemehl: Transportation System Operational Analysis

Jorge A. Prozzi: Pavements and Transportation Infrastructure Management

C. Michael Walton: Transportation Policy and Engineering Analysis

Zhanmin Zhang: Infrastructure Systems Management and Optimal Resource Allocations

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