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Even though Transportation is not offered as an undergraduate major at The University of Texas at Austin, there are a variety of ways undergraduates can get involved. Learn about what transportation engineering is all about, learn about the transportation graduate program, or just have some fun with other students. The following are some ways that undergraduates can get involved in transportation engineering at UT.


Transportation-Related Student Organizations

Students interested in Transportation Engineering should contact the University of Texas at Austin Student Chapters of the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). Both chapters encourage graduate and undergraduate students to become members and participate in their chapter activities. These activities include a distinguished lecture series, technical trips, conferences and community service.


UTC Undergraduate Internship

If transportation interests you as a possible career, The University of Texas at Austin's University Transportation Center Undergraduate Internship (UTC-UI) can help you in your decision and prepare you for admission to a graduate program. The internship is an 11-week program that provides unique insight into transportation education and a possible career in the field.

Information on UTC-UI and how to apply can be found here.


Undergraduate Transportation-Related Courses

The following undergraduate classes are transportation-oriented and taught by a transportation faculty member. If you are interested in learning about Transportation Engineering or getting to know a faculty member, please take one (or more) of these classes:

CE 321 Transportation Systems
CE 366K Design of Bituminous Mixtures
CE 367G Design and Evaluation of Ground-Based Transportation Systems
CE 367P Pavement Design and Performance
CE 367T Traffic Engineering

Undergraduate Job Opportunities

The Transportation Engineering Program in the Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering at The University of Texas sometimes hires qualified undergraduate students as research assistants. Although the Program generally hires civil engineering students, it also considers qualified non-civil engineering students as well. Inquiries regarding these positions are best made with individual professors.

Urban Studies Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies began offering courses in the Fall 2002 semester. The curriculum employs an interdisciplinary approach to the study of urban areas by integrating into single program resources throughout The University. This approach will allow students to explore the historical development of cities, the social, cultural, economic, structural, and environmental dimensions of urban areas. This degree will prepare students for graduate study in such professional fields as urban planning, public policy, social work, and law as well as for entry-level positions in the public and non-profit sectors. The program incorporates service-learning principles, integrating theory with experiential practices. An emphasis is placed on developing practical and hands-on learning experiences, and there is also an opportunity for students to graduate with honors upon the completion of a senior thesis.

More information may be obtained from:
Thomas Fawcett
Undergraduate Advisor
(512) 471-7286
Office: Parlin (PAR) 114

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