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First Annual CAEE Student Challenge

3d diagram of infrastructure and systems

Jan. 23, 2015

What:  A challenge to CAEE undergraduate students to produce a video related to the department's strategic vision.

Deadline:  Friday, Apr. 3, 2015 (by midnight)


  • The Glory (top videos to be posted on CAEE website); winners announced at 2015 Spring Banquet
  • Scholarships & Gift Cards1


  • Undergraduate students in architectural or civil engineering
  • Teams of 2 to 5 students allowed
  • Teams may include a mix of architectural and civil engineering students
  • Enthusiasm and creativity

The Challenge:

  • Produce a video that is less than 180 seconds in total length.
  • The video must relate to one or more of the major components of the CAEE strategic vision.
  • Videos may be humorous or serious, but must be aimed at educating, and suitable for, the general public.
  • Videos must contain information that is technically defendable.
  • Videos must include at least one image or scene from somewhere on the UT Austin campus.
  • Videos must include a CAEE professor doing something in the background.2

Scoring (points):

  • Relevance to CAEE strategic vision   25
  • Impact (video leaves a clear, memorable, and impactful message)    25
  • Quality (video is innovative, professional, organized in thought, and clear)    25
  • Technically defendable (information provided is correct and from reliable sources)    25
  • Innovative use of professor in background (up to +10 bonus points for innovation)    
  • Time (-1 for every sec over 180 sec)
  • Professor in background (-10 points if excluded)
  • UT scene/image (-10 points if excluded)

Please enter your team by Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. Additional information on video submission will be provided upon team entry.

1. Each member of the 2015 Challenge Grand Champion team will receive $250 scholarships.  Each member of each of the three runners up will receive $50 gift certificates.  The maximum number of members per team is 5.

2. The professor should not be the focus of the video and should not speak on the video.  The scene in which the professor is included can be as short as a couple of seconds.  Bonus points will be given for most innovative use of a professor.

 Questions?  Please contact Laura Klopfenstein.