ITS at UT, the Intelligent Transportation Society of America Student Chapter at The University of Texas at Austin was established in the Fall semester of 1995. The UT chapter was one of the few in the entire country and one of the two only existing ones in the State of Texas (the other one being at Texas A&M University). Today, ITS @ UT is the only ITS student chapter in Texas and one of more than 90 in the entire nation.

Throughout its 18-year existence, ITS @ UT has always been involved in promoting the goals and objectives of Intelligent Transportation Systems and applications, as well as serving the student community of the University of Texas at Austin in a variety of ways. The chapter's officers and members have traditionally participated and continue to participate in many university-wide events such as Explore UT, Introduce a Girl to Engineering and the Engineering EXPO to name a few. Active representation has been sought in most Student Organization Fairs, where ITS UT maintains a booth and distributes informational material. Regarding the contribution of the organization to the student of the Transportation Engineering program of the Cockrell School of Engineering the chapter has been traditionally organizing plenty academic and social events, including but not limited to guest lectures, field trips and orientation activities for new, incoming students. Last but not least, ITS UT traditionally participates in community service activities such as Habitat for Humanity and Adopt-A-Highway (the latter one in conjunction with our sister organization UT ITE).

Membership in ITS @ UT has traditionally been coming from the students of the Transportation Engineering program at UT although many more academic disciplines are eligible for membership. ITS @ UT members are required to pay yearly dues and membership has usually been ranging between 20-30 paid members every year. Initially, when the chapter was first established, students had to pay dues to both the national chapter and the local student chapter. However, this changed after the year 2000 when the national parent organization stopped requiring student dues. From that point on, the collected dues go only towards the planning and implementation of the student chapter's activities throughout the year.

ITS UT officers are elected by the paid members in November of every year. Office time lasts for a full year and eligibility for holding an office comes with membership. The officer positions available are the ones of President, Vice President- Administrative, Vice President- Activities, Secretary, and Treasurer; although in the past the number and names of available officer positions have been differing.

Finally, ITS @UT has traditionally been functioning under the supervision of a designated faculty advisor. This faculty advisor comes also from the Transportation Engineering program at UT and provides assistance with various issues during the year.

ITS @ UT has performed an archive search to retrieve the past officers and faculty advisors from the day of its establishment until today. They are listed in the table below. From our search in both our and the university's files the information for some years was missing. If you have been an officer for a year that we have no data available please contact our webmaster and we'll be happy to include you in our historical database.


Officers Faculty Advisor


Raymond J. Moore
Didier M. Valdes
Amelia C. Regan
Vaishali P. Vora
Dr. Hani S. Mahmassani


- -


Ryan J. Kelly - President
Steven M. Waalkes - Vice President
Valerie Briggs - Secretary
David Ory - Treasurer
Dr. Hani S. Mahmassani


Michael A. Pozsgay - President
Kerry McConnell - Vice President
Aruna Sivakumar - Secretary
Michael Haynes - Treasurer
Saul Castelar - Webmaster
Amaresh Tripathy - Webmaster
Dr. Hani S. Mahmassani


Teresa Frusti - President
Aruna Sivakumar - Vice President
Zenia Hernandez - Vice President
Iris Lin - Treasurer
Dr. Hani S. Mahmassani


Arnab Kumar Gupta - President
Zhong Wang - Vice President
Aruna Sivakumar - Vice President
Jessica YingChien Guo - Treasurer
Dr. Hani S. Mahmassani


Neal Whittington Hall - President
Gitakrishnen Ramadurai - Vice President
Sukumar Kalmanje - Vice President
Saurabh Amin - Secretary
Michail Xyntarakis - Treasurer
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


Zach Piepmeyer - President
Pradeep Kumar Gulipalli - Vice President
Mike Shenoda - Vice President
Rupali Sardesai - Secretary
Kelsey Thompson - Treasurer
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


Alison Conway - President Nicholas Lownes - Vice President
Naveen Eluru - Vice President
Sudeshna Sen - Secretary
Abdul Pinjari - Treasure
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


Nicholas Lownes - President
Jason West - Vice President
Naveen Eluru - Vice President
Aarti Kapur - Secretary
Aristeidis Pantelias - Treasurer
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


Aristeidis Pantelias - President
Ricardo Jesus Aitken - Vice President
Allison Interrante - Vice President
Prasad Vana - Secretary/Webmaster
Varunraj Valsaraj - Treasurer
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


Kristen Svicarovich - President
Bharath Rajagopalan - Vice President
Steven Marfitano - Vice President
Sumala Tirumalachetty - Secretary/Webmaster
Jose Aguiar - Treasurer
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


Erin Ferguson - President
Andrew Karl - Vice President
Dan Seedah - Vice President
Melissa Thompson - Secretary/Webmaster
Rajesh Paleti - Treasurer
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


- Dr. Zhanmin Zhang


Jared Wall - President
Michael Kurker - Vice President
Jun Deng - Vice President
Rohan Shah - Secretary
Juan Porras - Treasurer
Dr. Zhanmin Zhang