Updated on  June 11, 2015
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    History and Purpose of smp

     smp'15 is the fourth in a series of international symposia dedicated to hydrodynamics of all types of marine propulsors, as well as ocean current or tidal turbines. Previous smp were held in Trondheim, Norway (2009), in Hamburg, Germany (2011), and in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (2013).

     smp provide a forum to present state-of-the-art research and studies on existing marine propulsors, as well as a platform for introduction of new types of propulsors and energy saving devices.

    2nd International Workshop on Cavitating Propeller Performance

      The workshop was held on the last day of the Symposium (June 4, 2015). The emphasis was on prediction of propeller cavitation and propeller induced hull pressures. Experiments were performed at Potsdam Model Basin (Germany), and there was a call for numerical simulations.

     smp'15 participants were able to attend the workshop (at a  small additional fee). The first workshop was held in Hamburg (Germany) at the end of smp'11.