Updated on March 13, 2015

2nd International Workshop on Cavitating Propeller Perfomance

June 4, 2015, UT Austin

In this workshop, the following topics will be covered:
The model test will be performed by SVA Potsdam GmbH. CFD groups are encouraged to submit results from their numerical simulation to the workshop. The results will be correlated with experimental data. Before participants submit their results, only a part of experimental data will be disclosed in order to help participants check their results for some cases. After receiving the results from all participants, all data will be published. Participants are required to provide a paper, in which the numerical  method, results, grid dependence studies, and any other aspects should be summarized.

ALL calculations and the related paper must be submitted by May 1, 2015 (extended to May 11), so that they are included in the proceedings of the workshop.

In case you wish to include your calculations in the workshop, you must provide us with the name of your organization/research group/university as well the name/title and email of the lead researcher, NO LATER THAN March 31, 2015, by emailing to smp15@utexas.edu

More information about the experiment can be found in: http://www.sva-potsdam.de/pptc_data_15.html


Test cases:

Open data to be provided (can be used for calibration, available on March 25): 

Data to be published after receiving all results from participants:

Whom to contact:

SMP'15 Contact information

Email: smp15@utexas.edu
SMP website: www.marinepropulsors.com
SMP'15 website: caee.utexas.edu/smp15