Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Emeritus Professor, Bettie Margaret Smith Chair, Environmental Health Engineering

Earnest F. Gloyna, P.E., D.E.E. (Retired)


“The book will be of interest to cadets, faculty, and scholars on a number of levels.  They will learn about the lifetime work of a distinguished soldier, scholar, and public servant.  In particular, cadets will benefit from the first-person accounts of important campaigns of the Second World War.”  - Lance Betros, Colonel U.S. Army, 2010

For example, Chapters 11 through 15 of Reflections of a Soldier and Scholar provide rich details and informative insights into Gloyna's outstanding work in water resources, advanced wastewater treatment methodogies, and public health, such work developing along side his academic career with The University of Texas at Austin which spanned 54 years.

Dr. Gloyna's teaching, research, and professional leadership have touched a large number of students, educators, practicing engineers and decision makers throughout the world.  His multi-dimensional life has been documented in-depth by Dr. Davis L. Ford, P.E., in his book, Reflections of a Soldier and Scholar:  The Life of Earnest F. Gloyna. 

“A masterful biography...A well researched account of a Texas Farmboy who walked off the plains to become part of history – a five campaign combat veteran in World War II, and one who most consider to have "built” the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas to its current level of excellence.”  - Carl E. Adams, Jr., Ph.D. CAEE, 1969


* Distinguished graduate of three universities  (Texas Tech University, University of Texas at Austin, and Johns Hopkins University).


Money paid for the book will be donated to "Friends of Alec" for the benefit of the students and engineering programs of The Cockrell School of Engineering.