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G-LUM is a freely available, open-source land use model developed by Dr. Kara Kockelman and her graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin.  The model is based on Dr. Putman's documentation of ITLUP equations, which represent a DRAM® (Disaggregated Residential Allocation Model), EMPAL® (Employment Allocation Model) and LANCON (Land Consumption Model).  S.H. Putman Associates later developed a software package embedded in a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environment: METROPILUS® (Metropolitan Integrated Land Use System).  To provide a user friendly land use model for small- and medium-size Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sponsored the development of TELUM (Transportation Economic and Land Use Models), which is a derivative of the METROPILUS modeling package.  TELUM includes a series of modules in model input, calibration and application, and its integrated GIS module allows mapping of input/output spatial data.

Coding the G-LUM model in MATLAB was done in order to provide transparency, try to corroborate TELUM's results, overcome TELUM's zone size restrictions, and enhance land use density predictions.  It predicts the future spatial distributions of employment and households into the future, based on current conditions and measures of transportation accessibility.  Interested parties can download either the MATLAB version of the G-LUM code or its stand-alone GUI application. Those who wish to use the GUI application do not need to own a MATLAB license; please contact Dr. Kockelman for a CD of the MCRInstaller program.  Data for Austin, San Antonio and Waco metropolitan regions are provided at the traffic analysis zone and forecast district levels.  Our internal report, "Forecasting Employment & Population in Texas: An Investigation on TELUM Requirements, Assumptions, and Results, including a Study of Zone Size Effects, for the Austin and Waco Regions," is also available for download.

The code is copyrighted to Kara Kockelman and associated investigators.  As an open-source program, all use of codes, original or modified or extended must be freely shared with others, and appropriately referenced.  We look forward to hearing about your applications of G-LUM!  And we welcome your questions.

Note: DRAM, EMPAL and METROPILUS are registered trademarks of S.H. Putman Associates, Inc.

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