Seann M. Reed
Former Graduate Research Assistant
University of Texas at Austin
Now at :
1325 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(703) 319-8923

Last Update: 12/16/98


I recently completed my Ph.D. at UT Austin, and I am now working as a research hydrologist at the National Weather Service Hydrologic Research Lab in Silver Spring, MD. The final version of my dissertation is now online. See link below under Online Publications.


This page describes research that I was involved with during my 5 years as a graduate student at the Center for Research in Water Resources, UT Austin. A general theme of my research at UT was using GIS to solve problems in hydrology and water resources. The purpose of this page is to share information about my research with co-workers and anyone else who is interested. ONLINE PUBLICATIONS RESEARCH PROJECTS MISCELLANEOUS PowerPoint Slides Used for CE397 Lecture on April 30, 1998: "A Soil-water Balance and Continuous Streamflow Simulation Model that Uses Spatial Data from a Geographic Information System (GIS)"

Link to GISHydro97 GISHydro97 describes the contents of a CD-ROM that was produced at CRWR for the 1997 ESRI User Conference.

Spatial Hydrology Seminar


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