Dr. Loukas F Kallivokas



Carrol Allen Teaching Fellow in Engineering

BS, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

MS, Carnegie Mellon University

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University


Dr Kallivokas’ broader research interests are in computational mechanics as an enabling technology for addressing engineering and science problems. His current research focuses on inverse medium and inverse source problems with applications varying from geotechnical site characterization and geophysical probing, to non-destructive imaging and condition assessment of systems and components, structural forensics, to reservoir modeling for enhanced oil recovery. Past research includes work on shape detection and localization arising in inverse acoustic scattering, simulations of propagation of elastic and acoustic waves at small and large spatial scales, fluid-structure interaction problems, multi-material interface problems using boundary integral methods, fictitious domain methods, and absorbing boundaries and PMLs for modeling waves in infinite and semi-infinite domains – waves have been a common underlying thread to much of his work. Prior to joining The University of Texas at Austin, Dr Kallivokas was a visiting assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, a research scientist in the School of Computer Science and the Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery center at Carnegie Mellon University, and had worked as a consulting engineer for the failure analysis firm of O’Donnell Consulting Engineers.


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Dr. Lance Manuel



George & Dawn L. Coleman Centennial Fellow in Engineering

BTech, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

MS, University of Virginia

PhD, Stanford University


Dr Manuel conducts research in uncertainty modeling of load and response characteristics of engineered systems, mainly civil engineering works and energy-generating structures. He currently focuses on improving design criteria for wind turbines for complex inflow turbulence conditions and on the long-term performance of deepwater offshore floating structures. In the past, he has undertaken research and review work related to probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants and reactors; reliability of dam projects; probabilistic seismic hazard and ground motion analyses; and stochastic response of fixed and floating offshore platforms. Prior to his joining the faculty at UT Austin, Dr Manuel worked as a consulting engineer with Jack R. Benjamin & Associates, Inc. in Mountain View, California, and with Exponent, Inc. - formerly, Failure Analysis Associates - in Menlo Park, California.


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Dr. John L Tassoulas



Phil M. Ferguson Professor in Civil Engineering

BS, Yale University

SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Professor Tassoulas has conducted research on a wide range of topics including structural analysis, soil-structure interaction, numerical methods, dynamics of foundations, wave propagation in layered media, dynamics of concrete gravity dams, interaction of fluids and solids, stability of pipelines and tubular members, flow and deformation in porous media, deep-water anchors, elastomeric bridge bearings and plasticity. He has developed analytical and computational techniques for a variety of problems in Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics: nonlinear finite element analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, analysis of dynamic soil-structure interaction using finite elements and boundary elements, analysis of concrete gravity dams subjected to earthquakes, analysis of soils and foundations taking into account material and geometric nonlinearities, and nonlinear analysis of shells recognizing large elastoplastic deformations with emphasis on applications to deep-water pipelines and tubular members. He has served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Chairman of the Dynamics Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers Engineering Mechanics Division (Engineering Mechanics Institute). Furthermore, he has served as Associate Director of the Offshore Technology Research Center, a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center.


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