Wing Shun Kwan, M.S.

Ph.D. candidate working on Earth-Quake Engineering and Liquefaction evaluation

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Current Students

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Ritika Sangroya, M.S.

Ph.D. candidate working on viscous flow through porous media

Amber Spears, MS

Ms. Spears worked on hydraulic conductivity of sand-bentonite mixtures prepared with different ionic strength water. She is currently working as a Geotechnical Engineer at NTH Consultants, Detroit, MI

Abigail Kugel

Under-Graduate researcher working on hydraulic conductivity of grouted soils

Jisuk Yoon, Ph.D.

Dr. Yoon worked on viscous flow through porous media. He is currently a Geotechnical Engineer at Fugro Consultants, Inc. Geotechnical Laboratory at Houston, Texas

Past Graduate Students (back to top of page)

Mustafa Erten, Ph.D. (Co-Advisor: Dr. R. Gilbert)

Dr. Erten worked on consolidation of contaminated sediments under active and passive capping systems. He is currently a senior staff engineer at Geosyntec Corporation, Houston, Texas

Dennis Rugg, MS

Mr. Rugg worked on undrained shear strength of grouted stands. He is currently a Project Engineer at Golder Associates Inc., Denver, Colorado

Hansic Hwang, MS

Mr. Hwang worked on the effects of bentonite hydration on the hydraulic conductivity of SBMs. He is currently a lecturer at the Korean Military Academy.

Mary Goff, MS (Co-advised with Dr. R. Gilbert)

Ms. Goff worked on the Geotechnical properties of Kaolinite contaminated with NAPL. She is currently working at Kimley-Horn and Associates

Trent Ellis, MS

Mr. Ellis worked on a subsurface investigation in Taylor Clay. He is currently a PhD student at UT-Austin.

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Michael Stromberg, MS

Mr. Stromberg worked on commissioning of the MUDS shaking table. He is currently a Junior Engineer at Stromberg/Garrigan and Associates, Inc.

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May El Khattab, MS

Ms. El Khattab worked on stability of bentonite grouts within the porous media. She is currently working as a Geotechnical Engineer at Arup, New York.

Past Under-graduate Students (back to top of page)


- Jesse Kempf

- Robert Green

- Andrew Higgins

- Edward Jaimes

- Mohamad Melhem

- Abdallah Najdi

- Christian Hogan

- Hamza Jaffal

- Ali Srour

- Osama ElQuqa

Chadi El Mohtar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Geotechnical Engineering

Masaaki Ward

Under-Graduate researcher working on cyclic resistance of grouted sands.

Patricia Bennett

Under-Graduate researcher working on viscous flow through porous media

Alex Brewster, B.S.

MS student working on Piezometer installation in high-plasticity Clays.

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Brian Landry

Under-Graduate researcher working on large scale shaking table testing of liquefiable soils

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