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ALV/CGS-3 Dynamic Light Scattering

Saleh Lab is equipped with an ALV/CGS-3 precision compact goniometer system. It is a self-contained system with 22 mW HeNe laser (equivalent to 800 mW at 532nm), ALV-proprietary optical fiber based detector, QE APD detector with photomultipliers of 1:25 sensitivity, ALV/LSE-5003 electronics, and ALV-5000/EPP correlator. This ALV/CGS-3 Compact Goniometer System can monitor aggregate average hydrodynamic radii (particle size of 1 nm-700 nm) and aggregate structure with (fractal dimension) high precision using dynamic and static light scattering. The power of the laser and sensitivity of the detector allows the equipment to measure aggregation behavior of nanoparticles at very low concentration (sub-ppm level) and thereby facilitates monitoring initial aggregation kinetics of such nanoparticles.

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