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Engineered Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in UF and MF Membranes: Pretreatment in Seawater Desalination

For fouling resistance and high removal LPM technologies to compete with conventional water treatment processes, a new design of LPM is required. Next generation CNT-LPM membrane design will draw on the unique characteristics for high flux, low fouling, and high removal membranes incorporated with CNTs. The overall goal of this research is to apply the unique properties of CNTs toward the design of next generation LPM process for SWRO pretreatment. It is currently unknown how CNT (size, shape, charge, hydrophobicity, functional group) incorporated membrane (pore size, charge, and hydrophobicity) characteristics influence contaminant removal with seawater containing organic species and high ions.


Additional Info

  • Funding Agency:  Goldstar Engineering and Construction (GS E&C)
  • Award Amount: $220,000
  • Investigators: PI-Yeomin Yoon, Civil and Env Eng, USC
     Co-PI-Navid Saleh, Civil and Env Eng, USC
     Co-PI-Joseph Flora, Civil and Env Eng, USC
  • Project Period: May 1, 2010- April 30, 2013


  • Joseph, L.; Zaib, Q.; Khan, I. A.; Berge, N. D.; Yong-Gyun, P.; Saleh, N. B.; Yoon, T. " Removal of bisphenol A and 17a-ethinyl estradiol from landfill leachate using single-walled carbon nanotubes", Water Res, 2011, 45, 4056-4068.
    Full Paper

Conference Proceedings

  • Joseph, L., Zaib, Q., Khan, I. A., Berge, N., Park, Y.-G., Saleh, N. B., Yoon, Y. " Removal of Bisphenol A and 17a-Ethinyl Estradiol from Landfill Leachate Using Carbon Nanotubes", American Water Works Association ACE11, June 12-16, 2011, Washington, DC..
  • Yoon, Y., Saleh, N. B., Joseph, L., Zaib, Q., Khan, I. A., Berge, N., Park, Y.-G. "Removal of Micropollutants from Landfill Leachate, Seawater, and Brackish Water Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes", Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Nanotechnology, May 29-June 3, 2011, Waterville Valley, NH. .
  • Zaib, Q., Khan, I. A., Flora, J., Park, Y.-G., Saleh, N. B., Yoon, Y. "The Effects of Water Chemistry on Removal of Bisphenol A and 17β-Estradiol by Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes", 2010 Water Quality and Technology Conference, AWWA, Nov 14-18, Savannah, GA.