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The following are courses that have been taught or are currently being taught by Dr. Zornberg. To find what courses Dr. Zornberg is currently teaching please refer to the University of Texas course schedule (UT EID required).

CE 387R.4 - Earth Retaining Structures (Graduate level, The University of Texas at Austin).
Types of earth retaining systems, Earth pressure theory, Design of externally stabilized fill walls, Reinforcing elements, Design of internally stabilized fill walls, Design of internally stabilized cut walls, Design of externally stabilized cut walls, Advances in earth retention systems, Advances in soil reinforcement. Download Syllabus.

CE 387C – Geoenvironmental Engineering (Graduate level, The University of Texas at Austin). The environmental geotechnics field, Compacted clay barriers, Unsaturated soil barriers, Geosynthetic barriers, Contaminants and solid waste, Contaminant transport through barrier systems, Liquid drainage layers, Stability and settlement of landfills, Emerging aspects in geoenvironmental engineering, Remediation of contaminated ground. Download Syllabus.

CE 397 - Geotechnical Engineering Seminar (Graduate level, The University of Texas at Austin). Compilation of effective summary reports and abstracts; Evaluation of motivations and objectives in geotechnical research; Scope and organization of research reports; Critical evaluation of the literature; Presentation of research results; Analysis of results; Compilation of conclusions. Download Syllabus.

CE 357 - Geotechnical Engineering (Undergraduate level, The University of Texas at Austin). Basic characteristics of geological materials; soil classifications; physical, mechanical, and hydraulic properties; the effective stress principle; seepage, consolidation; stress distribution; settlement analysis; shear strength. Download Syllabus.

CE 375 - Earth Slopes and Retaining Structures (Undergraduate level, The University of Texas at Austin). Soil compaction: laboratory compaction tests, properties of compacted soils, compaction specifications; Seepage and drainage: principles of water flow through soils, water pressures and stresses in soil, flow net solutions; Slope stability: principles of soil shear strength, fundamentals of limit equilibrium analyses, ordinary method of slices; Earth pressures and retaining structures: at-rest earth pressures, Rankine active and passive pressures, retaining structures, modes of instability. Download Syllabus.

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