EAC Mission and Charter


Our mission is to:

  • Help support the department in developing and achieving its mission and strategic objectives
  • Improve the understanding of what graduates of the program will need upon graduation
  • Transfer knowledge and insight about global and domestic trends and practices in business and the engineering industry
  • Help identify and jointly develop potential solutions for constraints, barriers, or critical issues that may inhibit or delay the department from achieving its mission and strategic objectives
  • Improve the quality of the educational experience by interjecting practical experience into the overall program


In order to accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Advise faculty and administration as directed on critical issues, strategic objectives, desired program outcomes, learning objectives, and other educational issues
  • Interact regularly with faculty and students to contribute knowledge and expertise regarding the knowledge, skills, and abilities the graduates of the program will need in practice
  • Respect the roles, responsibilities and prerogatives of the educators in matters of curriculum and teaching methods
  • Focus on learning outcomes (not methods), and allow the department to determine how to achieve those outcomes
  • Continually look for new and improved methods for enhancing the quality and quantity of interactive dialogue between industry representatives, faculty, and students
  • Work with faculty liaisons to create opportunities for students and faculty to be exposed to the application of the principals and theories in practice and critical issues facing indusry
  • Provide visible and vocal support for the department in highlighting the needs of the department
  • Aid the department in approved fund-raising programs
  • When requested, promote the university and aid in the recruiting of quality students and faculty




Next Meeting

The next meeting of the CAEE External Advisory Committee will be on:

April 5, 2019

Contact Jessica Serna via email or call 512-232-6236 if you have questions.