ONE Word

focus on one student with a smile, amgonst others, working on a project

Students, alumni and faculty were asked to provide ONE word to summarize their CAEE experience. Send us your ONE word.


Challenging future engineers by pushing them past thier comfort zone.
Susan Fraser, CE, 2001


People depend on our work - it must be right!
John Panak, MSCE, 1968


My experience at UT and CAEE set me up for life.
Stephen R. Delgado, ARE, 2003


While engineers do learn form the past, most things we design still exist, and are therefore inherently futuristic, which is exciting.
Michael Longfellow, ARE, 1999


Going to UT for CE was the best decision I ever made for my career!
Sarah Tham, CE, 2008


Helped me with challenges of earning my degree. It was a great learning experience.
Rob Medina, CE, 2013


I feel such a strong sense of accomplishment graduating from one of the best civil engineering schools in the world.
Allison Lehman, CE, 2010


Applies to career and individual growth.
Erin Flanigan, MSCE, 1994


Describes fitting into the Austin community and in the LCRA since graduatiing in 1980, being a native Austinite.
Michael McCluskey,CE, 1980


I have greatly enjoyed my work with LEED, young alumni and the External Advisory Committee.
Michael Ahern, MSCE, 2005; MBA, 2014


Describes the way I have been able to strike out on my own. I was a communications graduate in 2003 and have been working to recruit longhorns and serve on the CAEE External Advisory Committee.
Patti Miller, Communicatons, 2003

Open Doors

Describes career opportunities gained through UT including my former position as Associate Chair of Finance and Administration at Georgia Tech. Now I am an Adjunct Professor and Pincipal at Geosyntec, Inc.
Glenn Rix, CEPhD, 1988


Describes where I am now, in Silicon Valley and it also applies to Austin.
Jennifer Johnson, MSCE, 1996


It is what UT stands for and projects. It's what makes things "go around"
Kerry Lee, ArE, 1990


Relates to engineering. All the change and innovation is exciting, "zapping"
Luke Nelson, MSCE, 2003


Describes my experience at UT. I am now the vice president of an engineering consultant firm, CP&Y, Inc.
Tom Ashcraft, CE, 1989


I graduated in 1991 and have been with ExxonMobil for 23 years. I came from a small town and saw great talent here in Austin. I saw that applying basic skills can build a career upwards.
Tom Schuessler, CE, 1991


Coming from a very small town and high school, my UT experience was both challenging and exhilarating. It opened my eyes to a much wider world full of possibilities that I wasn’t aware of before and stimulated me to be successful in my life and career after UT.
Greg Kolenovsky, CE, 1998


I obtained my mater's degree in 1994. I found out what is possible, found doors as an African American youth, and found out that I could do amazing things that I didn't dream were possible before.
Richard Easley, MSCE, 1994


The profession is built on working together. I graduated in 2001 and am a Project Manager for a firm in S. Austin. I never left Austin.
Travis Wilson, CE, 2001


I started a design group in 1990 then began my masters degree study in 1992 and completed it in 1994. Process applies in problem solving applicaitons.
Julia Herrod, MSCE, 1994


I graduated in 2000. I consider myself to be a "jack of all trades". Civil Engineering comprises many aspects to consider at once. It's inter-connected.
Hilda Obregon Lease, CE, 2000


After I transferred to UT during my junior year, I discovered there were tenfold opportunities awaiting me.
Kristi Grizzle, BSCE 2000, MSCE 2003


CE is all about people—We are working to improve the lives and safety of people everywhere.
Jonathan Lala, CE, 2016


This department has opened my eyes towards opportunities to change the world.
Tania Vazquez, ArE, 2014


My CAEE experience was instrumental in starting a successful career in public and private settings, in technical and managerial positions.
Robert D. Leonard, CE, 1983


Creating new advances, technology, and opportunities for future students.
David Vargas, CE, 2015


A higher level of success can be achieved with input and perspectives of people with different skills and backgrounds.
Christine Connor, CE, 1995


Engineers support life.
Kamal El Habr, CE, 1982, 1987


I learned a lot, I was completely challenged and well-prepared for future career demands. It was worth all of the work!
Kelley Neumann, CE, 1981


I feel like I am constantly challenging myself while mutually being challenged by the CAEE community.
Tea Vrtlar, CE, 2014


Prof. Lawler and two colleagues


My experience as a faculty member—students, faculty, and staff all working/playing together.
Desmond Lawler, Faculty


Everything I've experienced here has sparked my interest and encouraged me to work hard.
Isha Deo, CE, 2017


I've always been interested and engaged in my studies and work.
Brian Kevin Farris, ArE, CE, 1991


Every time I walk into ECJ, looking at the upper-classmen, I see the person I aspire to become.
Tarek El-Afifi, CE, 2017


Priscilla Nguyen and Prof. Corsi


I've grown and experienced so much during my 4 years in CAEE.
Priscilla Nguyen, ArE, 2014


The friendships, the mission, the learning…the whole experience.
Alexandra Caya, CE, 2014


We build our world, our cities, our networks, our infrastructure.
Maria Juenger, Faculty


I get to go to SHPE meetings in ECJ and see my SHPE familia.
Marisela Castro, CE, 2005


My degree has allowed me to a diverse insight into many pursuits.
William Shea, ArE, 1973


Because of its importance in the environment, design and communities.
Michael Vandermate, ArE, 1988


CAEE opened my eyes to the endless world of opportunities in life.
Pamela Ruiz, CE, 2017


It's important to carry enthusiasm into your work and future as you attempt to make a difference in the world.
Olivia Clark, CE, 2014


My job is to design new facilities to support population growth!
Gerald D. Prickette, ArE, 1968


Jaun Gevaudan and colleagues


CAEE faculty, staff, and students have taught me that passion for what we do is a key part of success.
Juan Gevaudan, CE, 2014


CAEE grads are reliable and provide reliable infrastructure.
Thomas Benz, CE, 1987


For inspiring me to always dream.
Sarah Seraj, CE, 2014


Besides practically living in ECJ, the professors who wanted me to succeed and the students who worked together to make it through were kind of like a family.
Hannah Romaine, CE, 2012


Ability to utilize what I learned to a variety of issues unrelated to my area of study.
John Hargrove, CE, 2005


The amount of change possible through civil engineering is invigorating.
Megan Skoglund, CE, 2017


Engineers are the central supporting element for the whole of society.
Cathy Clark, CE, 2014


Overcoming the difficulty in graduating provided reassurance and self-confidence to face life's challenges.
Nicolas Cocavessis, CE, 1978


I am proud that I have a degree from UT. When people know you have a CE degree from UT, they always seem to have respect for that and for you.
Natalie Weiershausen (Chaney), CE, 2008


It means, "I thrive," I learned it at Boys State, 1986, UT Austin.
J. MacDonald Ruffeno, CE, 1992


Architectural Engineering creates so many opportunities to give back to the community; the possibilities are endless!
Rebecca Lynn Gomez, ArE, 2016


Broad and rich environment that leads to development personally, professionally, and spiritually.
Brian Waters, CE, 2001


The experience I have has defined myself more than any other.
Noah McIlhon, CE, 2015


Improving people's lives is why we do what we do.
Robert S. Wright, Jr., CE, 1979


A career in engineering has directly involved me in community issues and projects.
Chris Lippe, CE, 1974


Almost everything consumers use depends on an adequate transportation system to convey products and people.
Gary Johnson, CE, 1963


Problem-solving takes dedication.
Schiller Lao, CE, 1996


Opportunity to discover myself professional, academically, and personally.
Luis Galindo, CE, 2015


I have worked 50+ years in facility engineering with emphasis on cities growth.
Clyde H. Gordon, Sr., ArE, 1956


Our relationship with the earth determines our future. Our profession has a great effect on this relationship.
David Mercer, ArE, 1980


Work that leaves a mark on the world.
Chris Flores, CE, 1994


We have to work so hard, but I am learning so much.
Vanessa O'Kelly, CE, 2016


My studies helpd me direct my experiences and knowledge.
Phil Ponebshek, CE, 1987


Encompasses quality, breadth and depth of education and resonance of experience of being associated with CAEE beyond graduation.
Jason Brecht, CE, 1997


My masters propelled me to a long and varied career of engineering and construction. How many people do you know who are a P.E., R.P.L.S., Real Estate Broker and Master Gardener?
G. Michael Kyrish, EHE, 1972


CAEE makes me and my students think when I teach and we do research together.
Spyros A. Kinnas, Faculty