Various forms of financial aid are available to students, ranging from loans to full fellowships. Many full-time students receive some form of financial aid. Awards are made on the basis of scholastic achievement and potential. The admission information submitted by applicants is used to select recipients of financial aid. The types of financial aid are below.

Research Assistantships

Appointments to assist a faculty member in conducting sponsored research are available. Most research assistantships are half-time appointments (20 hours per week) in which students work throughout the calendar year on a research project. In virtually all cases, the assistantship forms the basis for the student's M.S. thesis or report or Ph.D. dissertation. Please inquire about pay rates with the graduate coordinator so that we can ensure the most current information. The appointments also include payment of tuition and required fees, plus full employment benefits – identical to those of faculty - including health insurance. Most of the financial aid in the EWRE program is provided by research assistantships.

Teaching Assistantships

Appointments are available to assist a faculty member in undergraduate or graduate courses, usually in preparing and conducting laboratories. The total compensation (salary, fringe benefits, tuition, and fee payment) is similar to that of a research assistantship.

Engineering Foundation Fellowships

Available to entering U.S. students with outstanding records, the usual Fellowship award is for $1,000 to $9,000 along with a half-time research or teaching assistantship. The highest award, Thrust Fellowships, are reserved for outstanding students who have expressed interest in the Ph.D. program and continue for up to four years. The admissions committee will nominate outstanding applicants for these fellowships; no action is required on behalf of the student applicant.

University Fellowships

These fellowships are awarded to a limited number of graduate students with exceptional academic records and are based on a university-wide competition. No service is required as part of the fellowship. In addition, fellowship holders are frequently awarded a quarter-time research or teaching assistantship. The admissions committee will nominate outstanding applicants for these fellowships; no action is required on behalf of the student applicant.

More information on fellowships administered by the Graduate School:


The main costs of attending the University of Texas at Austin are tuition and fees, and living expenses. Resources to help you understand the total picture.

Living Expenses

Housing and other living costs in Austin are moderate. With roommates, the cost can be significantly less. Affordable housing exists within walking distance of campus or is accessible by UT Austin's 12 shuttle bus routes, which interconnect with the city's extensive bus system. Because parking on campus is limited, it is advantageous for graduate students to live either within walking or biking distance of campus or to live on a shuttle bus route. The University has some residence halls with areas for graduate students. In addition, apartments for married students are conveniently located on a UT Austin shuttle bus route.

Information on university and off-campus housing is available from the UT Housing Office.