National Academy of Engineering

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) mission is to promote the technological welfare of the nation by marshaling the knowledge and insights of eminent members of the engineering profession. The NAE was established in 1964, and election to membership is the engineering profession’s highest distinction.

Active Members


Gregory L. Fenves (2014)

For contributions to computational modeling, creation of open source software for earthquake engineering analysis, and academic leadership 

Robert B. Gilbert (2020)

For advancing the use of reliability analyses, risk assessment, and risk-based decision making for complex engineering projects

David R. Maidment (2016)

For the development of geographic information systems applied to hydrologic processes

Kenneth H. Stokoe II (1997)

For advancing dynamic characterization of geotechnical material

C. Michael Walton (1993)

For contributions and technical leadership in planning and design of transportation systems

Sharon L. Wood (2013)

For design of reinforced concrete structures and associated seismic instrumentation for extreme loadings and environment



Retired Members


John E. Breen (1976)

For leadership in the field of reinforced and prestressed concrete research specifically directed toward improving engineering design practice


Davis L. Ford (1997)

For the application of theory to process design in environmental engineering


David W. Fowler (1998)

For the development and application of concrete-polymer materials


Earnest F. Gloyna (1970)

For leadership in engineering education, water resources management, and environmental engineering


James O. Jirsa (1988)

For significant contributions to research on behavior and design of structural reinforced concrete


Raymond C. Loehr (1983)

For international leadership in research, engineering analysis, education, and management practices for solution of waste disposal problems


Roy E. Olson (2003)

For furthering our understanding of the properties of clays and for contributions to geotechnical engineering design


Richard L. Tucker (1996)

For developing management improvement practices in construction


Joseph A. Yura (2000)

For research and educational contributions on bracing and stability design for steel structures



Deceased Members


Leo R. Beard (1975)

For leadership in statistical applications and system analyses in hydrologic design and operation


Ned H. Burns (2000)

For contributions to development and education in prestressed concrete including unbounded tendon building slabs and high-performance concrete bridges


Phil M. Ferguson (1973)

For leadership in structural engineering research and design procedures in structural engineering education


Robert Herman (1978)

For contributions to the development of the science of traffic theory


Hudson Matlock (1982)

For outstanding leadership in research and design related to offshore engineering


Lymon C. Reese (1975)

For contributions in geotechnical engineering and education