Our goal is to produce graduate students with technical competence and communication skills to become leaders in geotechnical engineering.

The emphasis at The University of Texas is on modern geotechnical engineering practice. Our graduate students begin their studies focused on the fundamentals of soil mechanics and through more advanced coursework, learn how to apply those fundamentals to practical engineering problems. We currently offer 13 unique courses in geotechnical engineering, with over 40 courses available to our students in related departments such as structural engineering and geological science. The wide array of courses available allows every student to focus on those topics of most significant interest to them and develop their unique course of study. We find that the combination of required geotechnical fundamentals and a wide variety of course work provides our graduates with the knowledge necessary to thrive in diverse areas of engineering practice.

Our M.S. program is focused on preparing students for geotechnical engineering practice while providing the opportunity to experience research. Our Ph.D. program is more research-oriented and flexible than our M.S. program, but still requires practical training in geotechnical engineering. After graduation, some of our Ph.D. graduates enter engineering practice, while others pursue careers in academia. Currently, over forty of our graduates hold faculty positions at colleges and universities around the world.