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Professor Lymon C. Reese had a 33-year career at UT Austin, conducting pioneering work in performing field studies with instrumented piles and drilled shafts. Elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1975, he developed analytical methods now widely used in the design of deep foundations. Please join us in celebrating his lifetime of achievement and service.

List of Reese Distinguished Lecturers

2020 Prof Sarah Springman, ETH Zurich.

2019 Prof. Richard Finno, Northwestern University, on “Designing Excavation Support Systems for Serviceability”

2018 Dr. Peter K. Robertson Geotechnical Consultant Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc., on “CPT-based Soil Behavior Type (SBT) Classification System: Recent Updates and Applications

2017 Prof Mark Randolph, the University of Western Australia, on “Design Issues for Laterally Loaded Piles in Soft Rock

2016 Prof Steve Wright, UT Austin, on “Stability Analyses for Slope Reinforcement Measures – Lessons Learned”

2015 Dr Dan A. Brown, Dan Brown and Associates, on “Drilled Foundation Construction in the 21st Century, or, the Art & Science of Hole Digging”

2014 Prof Edward Cording, University of Illinois, on “Observations and Ground Control During Shield Tunneling – From 1841 to Today”

2013 Prof Fumio Tatsuoka, Tokyo University of Science on “Collapse Restoration and Design of Soil Structures Due to Recent Natural Disasters in Japan”

2012 Prof John Burland, Imperial College London, on “Interaction Between Geotechnical and Structural Engineers”

2011 Prof Kenneth H. Stokoe, the University of Texas at Austin, on “Seismic Measurements and Geotechnical Engineering”

2010 Clyde N. Baker, AECOM Technology Corporation, on “Uncertain Geotechnical Truth and Cost-Effective High-Rise Foundation Design”

2009 Prof Charles C. Ladd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on “Recommended Practice for Soft Ground Site Characterization”

2008 Prof Robert D. Holtz, University of Washington, on “Geosynthetics – The First New Civil Engineering Material in More than 100 Years”

2007 Prof James K. Mitchell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, on “Ground Improvement for Mitigation of Seismic Risk to Existing Dams”

2006 Prof Michele B. Jamiolkowski, Technical University of Torino, on “Geotechnical Considerations: The Suspension Bridge Over Messina Straits”