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Desmond Lawler - Water Quality Textbook

water quality engineering book

Environmental and water resources engineering professor Desmond Lawler recently published textbook Water-Quality Engineering: Physical/Chemical Treatment Processes along with co-author Mark M. Benjamin.

By carefully explaining both the underlying theory and mathematics, this text aims to show readers the fundamentals of physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater.

Throughout the book, the authors illustrate real-world challenges and solutions, including step-by-step mathematical calculations. Each chapter ends with a set of problems that enable readers to put their knowledge into practice by developing and analyzing complex processes for the removal of soluble and particulate materials to ensure the safety of our water supplies.

Designed to give readers a deep understanding of how water treatment processes actually work, the texbook explores:

  • Application of mass balances in continuous flow systems, so that readers can understand and predict changes in water quality
  • Processes for removing soluble contaminants from water, including treatment of municipal and industrial wastes
  • Processes for removing particulate materials from water
  • Membrane processes to remove both soluble and particulate materials

For more information, please contact Marilyn Tawney via email or at 317-572-3220.