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Retirement of Dr. Joseph F. Malina, Jr.

photo of Joe and Ida Malina smiling

Joe and Ida Malina

On 1 December 2012, more than 200 alumni, colleagues, friends and family members gathered to honor Dr. Joseph F. Malina, Jr. Joe served on the faculty in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas for more than fifty years and chaired the department for twelve years.

Joe’s research focused on the biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater and sludge, but also included solid waste management and stormwater runoff. He supervised the research of 162 MS students and 26 PhD students and taught thousands of engineering students about biological treatment of wastewater and the design of wastewater treatment plants.

Joe’s activities in professional organizations have been recognized with numerous national awards, including the Edward J. Cleary Award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, the Arthur M. Wellington Prize from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Gordon Maskew Fair Award from the Water Environment Foundation. Joe has also been recognized as the Professional Engineer of the Year in Travis County and he received the Joe J. King Professional Achievement Award from the Cockrell School of Engineering.

Please enjoy PHOTOS from the event.

Endowment Honoring Malina

CAEE alumni and friends have generously donated funds to establish an endowment to honor Joe’s lasting impact on the department. Funds from this new endowment will be used to provide fellowships for graduate students and research opportunities for undergraduate students. Contributions may be made on-line. Questions should be directed to Michael Barasch by email or by calling (512) 471-0469.