Student Spotlights

Fred Aguayo

Advancing Construction Materials Technology

fred aguayo

As an undergraduate, Fred completed a number of research projects and made a lasting impression on his research advisor. This experience opened many doors for him. 

Federico “Fred” Aguayo is a first generation college student who is pursuing his Ph.D. in civil engineering with an emphasis in construction material science. While he was an undergraduate student at CAEE, he participated in a research program with the support of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program. As a junior, Fred had the opportunity to work with Professor Kevin Folliard, and graduate student Anthony F. Bentivegna as part of the Construction Materials Research Group at J.J. Pickle Research Campus. His project was aimed at characterizing the hydration and strength development of rapid repair materials. Following this experience, he was recruited to undertake a research project performing a forensic investigation of decommissioned coastal concrete piles at the Georgia Institute of Technology as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program.

Fred considers his research experiences the most academically rewarding of his college career. Involvement in research has also allowed him to deliver several presentations, write technical reports, and participate in several conferences. With the support of his family and, because of his exposure to field experience early in his academic career, Fred chose to continue his studies at CAEE in a technical area he deeply enjoys.