Eric Williamson

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering


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Contact Information

The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Civil Engineering
1University Station
Campus Mail Code: C1748
ECJ 4.700
Austin, TX 78712
(512) 475-6175
FAX (512) 471-0592

Phil M. Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory
10100 Burnet Road, #177
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 471-4594
FAX (512) 471-1944

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Research Interests


Structural Response to Blast and Impact


Progressive Structural Collapse


Analysis of Horizontally-Curved Steel Girder Bridges

bulletMechanics of Synthetic-Fiber Rope Behavior

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blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) CE 311K - Introduction to Computer Methods

blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) CE 329 - Structural Analysis

blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) CE 363 - Advanced Structural Analysis

blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) CE 381P - Computer Methods in Structural Analyses


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