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A computer program developed for the Analysis of Curved Steel Box Girders During Construction

UTrAp was originally developed by Cem Topkaya and Eric B. Williamson at the University of Texas at Austin.


Program Definition:

UTrAp is a software package developed for pour sequence analysis of curved, trapezoidal steel box girders.  Single and dual girder systems with a constant radius of curvature can be analyzed with this program.  The software consists of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and an analysis module.  The analysis module relies on the finite element method to compute the response of a three-dimensional bridge structure.  Input data is supplied to the program through use of a GUI.  The program can handle multiple analysis cases and has graphics capability to visualize the output. 

*** NEW -- UTrAp 2.0 is now available ***

Version 2.0 was developed by Daniel Popp and Eric B. Williamson to extend the capbilities of the original software. Most significantly, it offers the capability of performing an eignevalue buckling analysis, and it allows for exporting results to Excel. Other enhancements are described in the updated User's Manual.