All incoming undergraduate students in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering are required to have a laptop at their disposal. Laptops do not need to be brought to campus on a daily basis, but individual courses may require that a laptop be brought to class or lab sessions. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that his or her laptop meets the following requirements:

Laptop Spec Minimum Recommended
Processor (CPU) Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7
Memory (RAM) 8 GB 16 GB
Hard Drive 250 GB 500 GB
Wireless 802.11n 802.11ac
Video Card (GPU) Integrated Discrete/Dedicated
Warranty Factory Warranty 3 yr. with Accidental Coverage


Operating System Requirements

Students are required to install specific software packages on their laptops for certain classes. Most of the software packages used in our program are only available on the Microsoft Windows platform. Due to this need, all laptops are required to have Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit.

Mac OS/X

Students with Mac OS/X operating systems will need to obtain and install an additional copy of Windows for their system. CAEE recommends that students use virtualization environments that permit both operating systems to run simultaneously.

Virtualization Environments

Virtualization software operates two distinct computer environments on the same laptop. The original Mac OS/X still continues to be the primary operating system, while Windows can be installed and run as a guest operating system inside a "virtual machine". Two recommended options are:

Virtual Box product from Oracle Corporation
VM Fusion from the family of VMWare products

Recommended Software

Although most of the engineering software packages in the Learning Resource Center are available via remote access through the CAEE Application Delivery Service (AppD), the following applications are recommended for local installation on your laptop:

Software Where To Get It Cost
Microsoft Office Office 365 Portal Free
Anti-Virus & System Security Download - ITS Anti-Virus Free
ITS Print Drivers Download - ITS UTprint Free
Matlab Download - ITS Matlab Free
Autodesk Products Download - Education Community Free


Backup and Encryption

A backup strategy is important for data protection and using a cloud data sync service is one option. The UTBox service provides unlimited cloud data storage at no cost.

Laptops are highly vulnerable assets that contain a huge amount of personal information that is easily accessible by thieves unless encryption is enabled. Although not required for general purpose use, it is recommended that your laptop be encrypted using your operating systems native encryption utility (e.g. BitLocker, Filevault 2), or a third party application such as TrueCrypt. The encryption method chosen may depend on the hardware and operating system supported by the encryption utility. Note: BitLocker requires Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise editions with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). FileVault 2 requires MacOS 10.7 or later.

Financial Aid

Students receiving aid and that are loan eligible may contact the Office of Student Financial Services to have their aid adjusted to include the cost of their laptop. Students not eligible for aid can apply for alternative or short-term loans through the Office of Student Financial Services.

The CAEE department, in collaboration with the Cockrell School of Engineering and other engineering departments, is now offering a new Application Delivery (AppD) service that will alllow students and faculty 24/7 access to LRC software through AppD's virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). By installing a client to your machine (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android), you will be able to access LRC software with your web browser. These services uses the Quest vWorkspace platform.


All current students have access to the Virtual Desktop. Once you login the first time, a home directory will automatically be created for you.

Accessing Virtual Desktop

Desktop/Laptops - Visit and login with your UT EID login and password. If you are using this service for the first time you must download a client onto your machine from the Downloads tab for your Operating System. AppD supports Windows, Mac, and Linux for desktop machines. If you are using a Mac, only install the "Web Access Connector".

Tablets- To use AppD on iPad and Android tablets, follow the installation instructions on the ITG Virtual Desktop website.

Virtual Desktops can be accessed on-campus or off-campus using any computer with a web browser but will require a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection from off-campus.  Search for "VPN" at for detailed instructions.

Software Available

The following is a list of software that the CAEE department is available through AppD. This list will be updated as we install more programs on our Virtual Desktops.

• Abaqus 2018
• Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop  CS5
• Anaconda 2019
• ANSYS 2019 R3

• ArcGIS 10.7 & ArcGIS Pro 2.4
• AutoDesk Suite 2020
• Corsim

• Groundwater Vistas 6
GPS-X & Capdet Works
• HCS7
• Matlab 2019
• Notepad++
Office 2019  including Project 

• Plaxis 2D
• R & R Studio
• Rhino
• RISA 3D & RISA-Revit Link
• SAP2000 20

• Trace 700
• Weka 



For general questions and technical support, please contact the Information Technology Group.

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering students and faculty have two computer classrooms available for their use. The Studio Classroom 1 (SC1) located in room 2.210 consists of 24 desktop CPUs with seating for a total of 23 students. The Studio Classroom 2 (SC2) located in room 2.218 also consists of 24 desktop CPUs with seating for a total of 23 students. The Studio Classroom 2 is available to all students in the Cockrell School of Engineering.

The computers are equipped with Microsoft Office, engineering software, internet software, and more. A high-speed printer and plotter are available in the room, and staff are available upon request for assistance.

The classroom is equipped with a projection system and laptop connection to facilitate demonstrations and instruction.

Studio Classrooms Layout

 New SC12 drawings

Spring 2020 Schedule

Tues, Jan 21          8 am - 9 pm
Wed, Jan 22          8 am - 9 pm
Thurs, Jan 23        8 am - 9 pm
Fri, Jan 24              8 am - 8 pm
Jan 25 - Jan 26       Closed *

January 27 - May 19, 2020
Mon - Thurs          8 am - 9 pm
Fri                           8 am - 8 pm
Sat                          Closed *
Sun                         2 pm - 8 pm

Mar 15 - Mar 22    Closed for Spring Break*

* Access card allowed


• Adobe Acrobat Pro DC   [SC1, SC2]
• Adobe Dreamweaver CS5     [SC1]
• Adobe Illustrator CS5         [SC1]
• Adobe PhotoShop CS5     [SC1]
• Anaconda  [SC1, SC2]
• Assemble Revit Plugin    [SC2]
• ArcGIS & ArcGIS PRO   [SC1]
• Autodesk 360        [SC2]
• Autodesk AutoCAD 2020      [SC2]
• Autodesk Navisworks 2020   [SC2]
• Autodesk ReCap 2020          [SC2]
• Autodesk Revit Suite 2020    [SC2]
• BASP     [SC1]
• Bentley OpenRoads       [SC2]
• Biofilm     [SC1]
• Biogeme  [SC1]
• Bluebeam   [SC2]
• Corsim TSIS 6      [SC1]
• CostX    [SC2]
• Craftware   [SC2]
• EnergyPlus 8   [SC2]
• eQuest   [SC2]
• EPANET / SWMM    [SC1, SC2]
• GAMS IDE      [SC1]
• Google Earth  [SC1, SC2]
• Groundwater Vistas  [SC1, SC2]

• HCS 2010     [SC1]
• HEC-HMS     [SC1]
• HEC-RAS     [SC1]
• Hydromantis CapdetWorks   [SC1]
• Hydromantis GPS-X              [SC1]
• ImageJ    [SC2]
• Intel FORTRAN    [SC1]
• MASTAN2     [SC1]
• MATLAB R2019a   [SC1, SC2]
• Microsoft Project Pro 2019 [SC1, SC2]
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2008    [SC1]
• Notepad++  [SC1, SC2]
• Palisade Decision Tools    [SC2]
• Pipe2018    [SC1, SC2]
• Plaxis 2D   [SC1]
• R & R-Studio  [SC1, SC2]
• SPSS 26     [SC1, SC2]
• VLC Player  [SC1, SC2]
• 7-ZIP 9.2  [SC1, SC2]


  • Open access to the Studio Classrooms is emphasized; therefore reservations will be limited.
  • All reservation requests should be made weeks if not months prior to the desired reservation time and personally coordinated with Danny Quiroz. Special software licensing, configuration, display equipment or multimedia console issues should be addressed at this time.
  • CE301 and CE311K have priority access to ECJ 2.210.
  • CE311S and CE333T have priority access to ECJ 2.218.
  • Classrooms will not be reserved exclusively, unless all resources are utilized. Therefore other students will have access to machines not being used.

View current reservations for Studio Classroom 1

View current reservations for Studio Classroom 2


CLOSED during SPRING 2015 semester

The University Co-op lounge located in the basement of ECJ is open for use by students. Although the lounge area is open to all students, the meeting rooms within the lounge area must be reserved.

Each room is equipped with a DELL Precision Workstation T3400 with a 22" flat screen display and a DVD burner.

The rooms are intended for students working in teams.

Basement Lounge Layout

layout basement


Fall 2014 lounge schedule

Due to EERC related construction, the Student Lounge will be closed during the Fall 2014.



• Absolute Manage 6.1.1
• Acrobate Distiller X 10.1.323
• Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.1.7
• Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2
• ANSYS 15.0
• ArcGIS 10.2
• BASP 1.4
• Corsim TSIS/TRAFU 6.2
• GAMSIDE 23.9.1
• Google Earth 6.2.1
• Groundwater Vistas 6.25
• HCS 2010 6.3
• HEC-HMS 3.5
• HEC-RAS 4.1
• HEC-SSP 2.0
• Hydromantis CapdetWorks 2.5
• Hydromantis GPS-X 6.2

• MASTAN2 3.3.1
• MathCAD 15
• Microsoft Office Pro 2013
• Microsoft Project Pro 2010
• Palisade Decision (@Risk) 6
• Putty 0.6
• Python 2.7
• SAP2000 15
• SeismoSignal 5.0
• Sigma Spectra 94
• SSH Secure Shell 3.2.9
• Strata 399
• UTPrint (color & BW)
• VLC Player 2.0.1
• WEAP21 3.22
• 7-ZIP 9.2


  • All reservation requests are handled on a first come first serve basis and should be made at least 2 days in advance by sending an email to Danny Quiroz. Requests received within 24 hours will not be processed.
  • Students working in project groups/teams have priority. Rooms will not be reserved unless the workstations are utilized.

View current reservations for ECJ B.102A (Capacity 4 - 5 users)
View current reservations for ECJ B.102B (Capacity 4 - 5 users)
View current reservations for ECJ B.102C (Capacity 4 - 5 users)
View current reservations for ECJ B.102D (Capacity 5 -6 users)
View current reservations for ECJ B.102E (Capacity 7 - 8 users)