IT About Us

Information Technology Support and Services (ITSS) provides technology support and services for the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering. Manager Danny Quiroz oversees a staff of four technical specialists, plus part-time student proctors. A committee of faculty and staff advise the ITSS group.

Staff (located in ECJ 3.200)

Danny Quiroz, Senior IT Manager

Paul Ashe, Systems Administrator

Erick Fontenot, Senior Desktop Support Specialist 

Information Technology Committee


Consider IT needs within the department and make recommendations for using resources in a fiscally responsible manner.


  • Develop strategic plan for allocating computer resources within the department and leveraging the resources provided by the Information Technology Group within the Cockrell School and Information Technology Services within the University. Both the educational and research needs of the faculty and students should be considered;
  • Assist department chair with setting priorities for reducing the IT budget within CAEE in accordance with the limits established by the Dean;
  • Monitor activities and make recommendations regarding needs that may arise in the areas of: (a) enhancement of computer use in undergraduate courses; (b) training requirements for existing faculty and staff; (c) the Learning Resources Center; and (d) improving communication between faculty, staff, and students; and (e) the space, software, hardware, staff requirements, network communications, and other resources to meet these needs;
  • Recommend to department, policies and activities related to computer literacy and skills of undergraduate students to meet career needs;
  • Review departmental role in Cockrell School and University computer related initiatives;

A. Novoselac, Chair
B. Cox
L. Kallivokas
K. Kockelman
F. Leite
E. Rathje
J. Tassalous
Key Staff: D. Quiroz