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Our alumni play an important role in the Transportation Engineering program, as they continue our tradition of excellence and lead our students by example. Our graduates stay involved and give back to the program in ways that enhance our vision and research. Connect with the Transportation Engineering program to stay up-to-date on current projects and engage with the student community.


Alumni Spotlights

coppermanRachel Copperman, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Chandra Bhat at UT Austin

Currently a Senior Associate at Cambridge Systematics, Dr. Copperman’s main project involves producing ridership and revenue forecasts for the California High Speed Rail system currently being developed. She finds it satisfying to see how analysis produced using a model she helped develop is directly used in the development of a large scale transportation project. Dr. Copperman is proud of the choices she made which got her where she is today, from applying to conduct undergraduate research in transportation while at UVA, to attending UT Austin, to joining Cambridge Systematics.


IvanIvan Damnjanovic, Ph.D.

Supervised by Dr. Zhanmin Zhang at UT Austin

Dr. Damnjanovic completed his Ph.D. at UT Austin in 2006, and is currently an Associate Professor and J.L. “Corky” Frank/Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Faculty Fellow at the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University. He is also the Director of Engineering Project Management Education. His research area is in project systems modeling with an emphasis on uncertainty, risk, and emerging sustainability goals. The system approach to life-cycle project management integrates temporal, organizational, and functional project elements to provide a streamlined process for decision-making.


HunterMichael Hunter, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Randy Machemehl at UT Austin

Dr. Hunter is an Associate Professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. His primary teaching and research interests are in transportation operations and design, specializing in adaptive signal control, traffic simulation, freeway geometric design, and arterial corridor operations. Dr. Hunter obtained his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic University (1992), his M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin (1994), and his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin (2003). After obtaining his M.S. he worked as a transportation engineer for several years at the Sear-Brown Group in Rochester, NY.


jafariEhsan Jafari, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Steve Boyles at UT Austin

Dr. Jafari is working as an analyst at Optym, a transportation and logistics firm which uses network optimization methods to help companies reduce costs and streamline their supply chains. As a PhD student at UT, he invented a new method for solving transportation network assignment problems which was twice as fast as previous methods. He is an expert in optimization, network analysis, and algorithm design.


pravatPravat Karki, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Amit Bhasin at UT Austin

Dr. Karki works as an Assistant Transportation Researcher at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) at College Station, Texas. The areas of his expertise include pavement materials characterization, pavement performance evaluation, multi-scale characterization of materials, and asphalt chemistry. Dr. Karki earned the expertise needed for such research from his PhD study from the University of Texas at Austin which he completed in Aug. 2014. His dedication and accomplishment in pavement material research delivered him the prestigious Road Scholar Fellowship from the International Road Federation in 2014. As a pavement material expert, Dr. Karki has served as a participating member of the Road and Paving Materials committee of the ASTM International and reviewed test methods submitted for accreditation by different private and public entities. He has also served as an invited reviewer for a number of scientific journals in this area of expertise.


lempJason Lemp, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Kara Kockelman at UT Austin

Dr. Lemp has worked for Cambridge Systematics (CS) for 8 years as a travel demand forecaster. In that time, he has developed, validated, and applied travel models, including trip-based models, activity-based models, truck and freight models, and specialized models for bicycles, visitors, and special events. He played an integral role in the design and roll out of CS’ activity-based model framework called TourCast. He is engaged in high-speed rail ridership forecasting work that CS has been doing for the California High Speed Rail Authority, including a detailed risk assessment in 2015, for which his contributions (along with other team members) were recognized with the Marvin Manheim Award in 2016, an internal CS award given in recognition of innovation in project work. He has continued to share findings of his work in publications and at conferences, including the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Innovations in Travel Modeling Conference, and International Association of Travel Behavior Research Conference.


levinMichael Levin, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Steve Boyles at UT Austin

Currently an Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Levin is conducting cutting-edge research on automated vehicles. He is designing new traffic control systems that are much more efficient than traditional traffic signals, and which may one day ease congestion on city streets. Dr. Levin graduated from UT Austin in 2017, having already won a national award for his thesis research and published over a dozen peer-reviewed papers.


LownesNicholas Lownes, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Randy Machemehl at UT Austin

Dr. Lownes is a UTC Associate Professor in Engineering Innovation in the Transportation and Urban Engineering program and Associate Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Connecticut. His primary research interests include public transportation systems, especially the application of network modeling methodologies for efficient and equitable planning and operations, network modeling, traffic microsimulation, and public transportation economics.


srinivasanSiva Srinivasan, Ph.D.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Chandra Bhat at UT Austin

Dr. Srinivasan has been an Associate Professor at the University of Florida since 2005, and his research areas include transportation planning and policy evaluation, activity based approaches for travel demand modeling and forecasting, travel impacts of new information and communication technologies, GPS and GIS applications for travel-data collection and analysis, and application of advanced econometric methods for transportation problems. Since completing his MS and Ph.D. at UT Austin, Dr. Srinivasan feels his proudest achievement is that seven students have completed their dissertations with his supervision, with another five students currently pursuing their PhDs. It gives him great satisfaction that he can play a key role in his students’ important academic journey.


stoneCody Stone, P.E.

Previously Supervised by Dr. Zhanmin Zhang at UT Austin

Cody Stone is an accomplished transportation engineer who has led traffic operations on several regionally significant projects throughout Texas. He currently works at Alliance Transportation Group as the project manager on several high profile projects and previously held the position of President of their Young Professionals group. Cody is currently the head of the ITE Scholarship Committee, and has been an active participant in both local area activities and statewide ITE events. In addition, he has been elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Capital Area Section Institute of Transportation Engineers. Cody specializes in traffic operation microsimulation, and also has roadway design, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and transportation planning experience. As a Masters student at University of Texas, Cody researched the economic value of roadways for use in project prioritization. He also researched optimal preventive maintenance cycles using Monte Carlo simulation. As a Professional Engineer, he has applied his knowledge and continued research on Active Traffic Management techniques in the US and abroad, Vissim microsimulation calibration methods, and application of ITS to incorporate future technologies.