I teach Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at UT Austin.  My teaching focuses on the management of water resources, the movement of water in the environment, and computer methods to analyze these problems.  I believe that an understanding of the physical principles underlying any water or environmental problem is essential for its solution, especially when the solution involves mathematical modeling.  I teach a mix of physically based and computer oriented courses in order to develop and maintain this understanding and also to be able to convey it to students in my classes.  I try to use real world experiences from field work in my teaching to the extent possible.  In addition, the economic incentives and market forces exerted to influence the use of water resources and the environment are an integral part of analyzing these problems.  I teach an equal mix of undergraduate and graduate courses.  I see myself as someone who can teach principles to engineering undergraduate and graduate students so that they will be prepared to analyze the increasingly complex problems of environmental and water resources engineering.  I try to form a bridge between water resources engineering and and the policy sciences in other University departments.

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Computer Methods, CE311K

Groundwater Hydraulics, CE 374L (Spring 2015)

Graduate Courses

Water Resources Planning & Management, CE 385D (Spring 2015)

Transboundary Water Resources, CE 397 (TBA)


Sources of Information