Careers in Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineers at work

It takes a large team of diverse professionals to design and build a work of architecture. Among the building design team, architectural engineers play many important roles.

Any of the following architectural engineering careers are possible for a graduate from UT Austin's 4-year Architectural Engineering program:

List of Architectural Engineering Careers

  • Acoustic Consulting
  • Advanced technology and research
  • Architecture
  • Audio visual and multimedia [including stage design]
  • Bridge engineering
  • [Building products design [curtainwall...] Building Information Modeling (BIM) Building physics
  • Building retrofit
  • Building services engineering
  • Carbon management
  • [Code analysis and inspection]
  • [Construction project management]
  • [Construction products design, ex: Zahner metals] Commissioning and Building Performance Evaluation
  • Digital manufacturing technologies
  • Energy strategy [analysis, modeling]
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental consulting [Soil, water, air quality]
  • Façade engineering
  • Fire codes and engineering Fluid dynamics
  • [Forensics]
  • Lighting Design [artificial and daylighting]
  • Material technologies
  • Mechanical engineering [HVAC systems]
  • [Plumbing engineering]
  • Power generation and storage
  • Program and project management [design process]
  • Quantity surveying (cost / material estimating)
  • Renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro)
  • Seismic design [earthquake]
  • [Software code writing, scripting]
  • Structural engineering
  • Sustainable building design (analysis and optimizing) Sustainable infrastructure design
  • [Technical building consulting (hospitals, airports...)] Transport consulting (roadways, rail, air)
  • Tunnel design
  • Vertical transportation design [custom elevators...]
  • Water engineering Wind engineering


Architectural engineers work side-by-side with architects, construction teams and other specialists. They are often licensed professionals. Average starting salaries (May 2017) are $63,000. Experienced engineers earn around $125,000.

In a world full of powerful challenges like climate change, sustainable design, energy optimization, population growth and rapidly-advancing digital technologies, graduates of the UT Austin Architectural Engineering program are a 21st century creative power, solving problems and creating elegant solutions for a better world.

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