Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Program in the Nation


Class of Environmental Engineering Graduates in 2020

Human impact on the environment increases as the world’s population grows. Environmental engineers at UT Austin help decrease the sphere of human influence so that the earth can sustain future generations.

What do Environmental Engineers do?

Environmental engineers protect the health of people and the planet. They create solutions to global issues such as clean air and drinking water and manage the earth's water resources by applying basic scientific principles and systems-level thinking to understand, build and maintain sustainable, natural and engineered environments. Environmental engineers help identify critical environmental issues, solve local and global environmental challenges, develop new technologies or processes to mitigate issues and influence policy to drive resolution.

What is Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin?

As an Environmental Engineering student at UT, you will learn how to identify critical environmental issues and study the human impact on the physical landscape of the earth. To view more about the program, see the program flow charts or speak with one of our undergraduate advisors.

Download undergraduate degree plans, flow charts, and current lists of approved technical electives for environmental engineering.