"My time as an undergraduate student in Architectural Engineering at UT was rewarding beyond belief. During a formative four years, I forged lifelong friendships with my remarkable peers and discovered a passion for the built environment. The ArchE program gave me a robust foundation in design and engineering that well prepared me for continued graduate studies at UT and ultimately a career in structural design with Magnusson Klemencic Associates. Every day I wake up excited to participate in shaping the spaces in which people live, work and play."

Photo of Eleanor Reynolds

Eleanor Reynolds
BS Architectural Engineering 2009
MS Structural Engineering 2011
Magnusson Klemencic Associates
Seattle, WA

I have always been interested in both architecture and engineering, and while most programs divide the disciplines, the UT architectural engineering program embraces them both. The technical knowledge that I gained - together with being exposed to global design and creative problem solving - was excellent preparation for working in the profession.

Today, I design structural systems for HDR, a global architecture and engineering firm. If you love the design of buildings and bridges, but also enjoy the technical challenges involved, I could not recommend a better program!

Photo of Mark Rocha

Mark Rocha
BS Architectural Engineering 2011
Dallas, Texas

"When I discovered the Architectural Engineering program at UT Austin, I was immediately attracted to the concept of engineering from an aesthetic or architectural point of view. I loved buildings and I loved math so the program seemed a perfect fit. I have now practiced for 40 years as a consulting structural engineer and I continue to probe the marriage of engineering and architecture, striving for elegant engineering solutions for today’s buildings. I am grateful to UT Austin and Architectural Engineering for a foundation in engineering design that has enabled a rewarding career."

Photo of Chuck Naeve

Chuck Naeve, PE, Principal
Architectural Engineers Collaborative
B.S. Architectural Engineering 1974

"The UT Austin Architectural Engineering program provided me with strong fundamentals in engineering, a wide array of knowledge of the building industry, and allowed me to focus on the topic of environmental systems.

I currently apply my architectural engineering education in the design of heating and cooling systems and sustainable buildings. The ability to think in an interdisciplinary manner has been invaluable and has enabled me to continue growing in what is a dynamic profession."

Photo of Christina Phensy

Christina Phensy
BS Architectural Engineering 2012
Buro Happold Engineering
Los Angeles, California

"Throughout my career, the technical, problem solving and critical thinking skills I developed during my time at UT have helped me tremendously. You never know where your career may take you, and the skills you will acquire in UT’s Architectural Engineering program will serve you well in whatever career path you decide to take."

Photo of Larry O'Donnell

Larry O'Donnell
BS Architectural Engineering 1980
Chairman, President & CEO
Rockwater Energy Solutions, Inc.

"I could not have found a better fit than the Architectural Engineering program at UT! The well balanced curriculum focused on problem solving, creativity, and practical knowledge prepared me well for a job at an MEP engineering firm. I have had the opportunity to work on a broad spectrum of projects ranging from LEED energy models to biopharmaceutical clean room design. My degree has given me the advantage of tangible knowledge of how the architect, structural engineer, MEP engineer and construction team must collaborate for the success of a project."

Photo of Sadie Wilson

Sadie Wilson
BS Architectural Engineering 2010
EEA Consulting Engineers
Austin, TX

"The Architectural Engineering degree at UT was a great fit for me because it combined my passions for architecture and creative problem solving. At the end of my second year in the program, I decided to focus on Building Energy and Indoor Environments and a career as a Mechanical Engineer. In the 4 short years since graduating I’ve had experience in designing HVAC systems for laboratories and hospitals, creating building energy models for LEED and AEGB certified buildings, and performing engineering assessments on existing buildings. Each project presents a new puzzle to solve, and my time in the Architectural Engineering program provided me with the fundamental skills to develop creative engineering solutions to these real world puzzles. I am so grateful to have found a career that I am passionate about and where I continue to learn each day."

Photo of Meilani B. Leos

Meilani B. Leos, E.I.T.
BS Architectural Engineering 2010
Tom Green & Company Engineers

"Where do your interests lie? Are you interested in making an impact in today's world? - In the future? In each of these questions the UT ArchE program provides a foundation, engagement, and ultimately the intellectual freedom to explore the world we live in.

The UT Architectural Engineering program provided a broader understanding of how the world works and how to be effective. Ultimately, my degree provided the intellectual flexibility to go way beyond the world of architecture and construction; a basis in how to interact with people in the world of building companies and organizations."

Photo of John Glanville

John Glanville
MS Architectural Engineering 1985
Athenaeum Capital Partners LLC
Santa Barbara, California

"Receiving a degree in Architectural Engineering was fundamental to my career in Construction. The program combined fairly rigorous Math and science concepts with creative design. For me, this combination really challenged us across a broad scope of intellectual challenges. When I completed the program I knew that I had the intellectual capacity, and the disciplined approach to solve problems or provide meaningful alternatives to the multi-faceted "problems that occur routinely in the A/E/C industry.

When I graduated, I received 8 offers. I chose to join Turner Construction Co. and spent 31 years with them. During this period, I worked on "Landmark" projects including Chase Tower designed by I.M. Pei and the Bank of America Building designed by Phillip Johnson, both in Houston. I progressed through a number of assignments, and finished my time there as Senior Vice President for the Southeast Region."

Photo of Paul Little

Paul D. Little
BS Architectural Engineering 1976

"My father suggested that I should study Architectural Engineering at UT. My degree led to employment as a structural design engineer. Designing for many years and moving up the corporate ladder led to founding my own company in 1980. United Structures of America has been a major success in designing and fabricating steel building structures. My three Longhorn graduate sons, (two are Arch E graduates), are running the business since my retirement. I do not know how I could have done better, and I highly recommend the Architectural Engineering program to high school seniors who are interested in a rewarding career."

Photo of F. Richard Drake

F. Richard Drake
Honorary Consul
The Republic of Estonia
Founder, United Structures of America


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