Building Energy and Environments

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The Building Energy and Environments (BEE) program consists of faculty, staff and students who focus on a wide range of issues related to building environments. These issues include building energy usage, energy flows, and conservation methods, sources of indoor gases and particles, fate and transport of indoor pollutants, human exposure to indoor air pollution, and control of indoor pollutants. Much of the research focuses on the interactions of pollutants and indoor materials, and increasingly the nexus between building energy use and indoor environmental quality. Basic principles.

Students of BEE choose from 11 courses involving building energy, indoor air quality, or both. Faculty and students also engage in public outreach and education. Undergraduate students interested in a career in Building Energy and Environments should major in Architectural Engineering. We also offer BEE graduate degrees as an M.S. or Ph.D. in Civil Engineering.


Faculty in Building Energy and Environments
Administrative contact: Kathryn McWilliams
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Center for Energy and Environmental Resources (CEER)