Mechanics, Uncertainty, and Simulation in Engineering

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Mechanics, uncertainty, and simulation focuses on select problems, often multi-disciplinary in nature, whose solution requires the synergy of applied mechanics, applied mathematics, reliability and stochastic analysis, computational simulation, and/or physical experiments.

Our work is primarily driven by the need to understand physical processes, and a desire to provide engineering solutions to problems affecting infrastructure and the built environment. Our areas of expertise cover broad as well as focused topics in including earthquake engineering, wind engineering, reliability and risk assessment of components and systems, computational mechanics, wave propagation, soil-structure interaction, acoustics, inverse problems and imaging, coupled physics problems, simulation of structural response to blast and impact loads, collapse modeling, stability of structures, and structural dynamics.

Our graduates are employed by engineering consulting and design firms, engineering companies offering specialized and high-value services, the offshore oil and gas industry, and academic institutions worldwide.


Faculty in Mechanics, Uncertainty, and Simulation Engineering
Administrative contact:  Leslie McCroddan
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