CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2014

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment, David G. Tarboton, Anthony Castronova, Larry Band


Course Videos are viewable at: http://utwired.engr.utexas.edu/maidment14/


Course Syllabus: Syllabus2014.docx Syllabus2014.htm


Installing ArcGIS Version 10.2.2 InstallingArcGIS1022.docx InstallingArcGIS1022.pdf


Term Paper Library: http://www.caee.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2014/docs/termpaperlibrary.htm


Final Exam: GISWRFinal2014.pdf


Job Opportunity: ExxonMobil.pdf


Surface Volume Tool: SurfaceVolumeTool.pdf


Term Projects: TermProjList.htm


Session 1: Thurs 29 August Lecture 1: Introduction to GIS in Water Resources Lecture12014.pptx  GISWRSynopsis1.pdf

Reading: http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.2/#/What_are_map_projections/003r00000001000000/


Session 2: Tues 2 Sept Lecture 2: Introduction to ArcGIS

Lecture22014.pptx  GISWRSynopsis2.pdf
Readings are on slide 2 of this presentation.


Session 3: Thurs 4 Sept Exercise 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Ex12014.docx Ex12014.pdf Ex1Data.zip Ex1WebData.zip GISWRSynopsis3.pdf Ex1StudentSoln1.pdf Ex1StudentSoln2.pdf Ex1StudentSoln3.pdf Ex1StudentSoln4.pdf


Session 4: Tues 9 Sept Data sources for GIS in water resources DataSources2014.pptx GISWRSynopsis4.pdf DataSources2014.pdf


Session 5: Thurs 11 Sept Exercise 2: Building a base map. Ex22014.pdf Ex22014.docx Ex22014Soln.pdf GISWRSynopsis5.pdf Backup data: Region12Wshed.mpk FlowPerUnitArea.pptx


Session 6: Tues 16 Sept Geodesy, Map Projections and Coordinate Systems MapProj.pptx GISWRSynopsis6.pdf


Session 7: Thurs 18 Sept Spatial Analysis SpatialAnalysis.pptx GISWRSynopsis7.pdf Slope.pdf


Session 8: Tues 23 Sept Exercise 3: Spatial Analysis Ex32014.pdf Ex3Data.zip Ex32014Soln.pdf GISWRSynopsis8.pdf Homework1 Hw1.docx Hw1Guidance.pptx Hw1Soln.pdf


Session 9: Thurs 25 Sept DEMs and Watershed Delineation DEMWatershedDelineation.pptx GISWRSynopsis9.pdf


Session 10: Tues 30 Sept TauDEM and Watershed Delineation TauDEMWatershedDelineation.pptx GISWRSynopsis10.pdf


Session 11: Thurs 2 Oct Exercise 4: Watershed and Stream Network Delineation Ex42014.pdf GISWRSynopsis11.pdf Ex4Overview.pptx Ex4Soln2014.pdf Review Homework: Hw2.pdf Hw2Soln.pdf (Hw2 is for review only and does not have to be turned in)


Session 12: Tues 7 Oct Flood Forecasting NFIEOSTP.pptx GISWRSynopsis12.pdf


Session 13: Thurs 9 Oct Review for Midterm Exam Review2014.pdf Review2014.pptx MidtermSoln2013.pdf GISComputationSkills.pptx


Session 14: Tues 14 Oct Midterm Exam Midterm2014.pdf Midterm2014Soln.pdf


Session 15: Thurs 16 Oct Arc Hydro Groundwater AHGroundwater.pptx GISWRSynopsis15.pdf


Session 16: Tues 21 Oct Work on your term project


Session 15: Thurs 23 Oct Geospatial programming in Python GeospatialProgramming.pdf


Session 16: Tues 28 Oct Exercise 5: Building ArcGIS Tools Using Python Ex52014.pdf (Do not do this exercise yet. I will check this out and perhaps simplify it).


Session 17: Thurs 30 Oct Demography Demography.pptx AccessingCensusData.pdf


Session 18: Tues 4 Nov HydroShare and Hydrologic Information Systems HydroShareandHIS.pptx GISWRSynopsis20.pdf


Session 19: Thurs 6 Nov Integrated Water Resources Modeling IntegratedModeling.pptx


Session 20: Tues 11 Nov Green Infrastructure, Groundwater and the Sustainable City (Larry Band) Band.pptx


Session 21: Thurs 13 Nov Term Project Presentation Guidance TermPaperPresentations.docx

Water Information Sharing WaterInfShare.pptx

Session 22: Tues Nov 18 Term Projects Texas Studies


Session 23: Thurs Nov 20 Term Projects International Studies


Session 24: Tues Nov 25 Term Projects Austin Studies


Session 25: Tues Dec 2 Term Projects United States Studies


Session 26: Thurs Dec 4 Term Projects Regional Studies Final Exam GISWR2014Final.pdf Final2014.pptx