GIS in Water Resources Presentations, Fall 2014


Texas Tues Nov 18



Daria Akhbari

Edwards aquifer potentiometric map

Mosaed Alrashidi

Characteristics of Lake Ralph Hall, Upper Trinity Basin, Texas

Jason Jenkins

Hydrology of the Nueces River watershed

Zhi Li

Salinity distribution and variation in the Nueces delta

Nicolas Reyna

Characterization of Copano and Aransas Bays

Victoria Congdon

Characterization of sea grass on the Texas coast

Richard Carothers

Channel identification in the Guadalupe delta system, South Texas


International Thurs Nov 20



Frank Schalla

GLDAS and Earth2Observe compared

Charles Abolt

Terrain analysis in the Arctic coastal plain, Northern Alaska

Craig Connolly

Flow into lagoons of the Eastern Alaska Beaufort Sea coast

Erin Reed

Characterization of the Sea of Cortez, Gulf of California

Cliff Kaplan

Access to jobs via transit from disparate neighborhoods

Yongsik Kim

Soil erosion assessment using GIS and the RUSLE model


Austin Tues Nov 25



Kaethe Selkirk

Landscape planning for the University of Texas campus

John Dinning

Poverty and Disability in Austin and San Antonio, Texas

Andrew Uhler

Demography of Brushy Creek watershed

Cassandra Fagan

HEC and GIS modeling of the Brushy Creek watershed

Juhn-Yuan Su

Hydrologic modeling of Onion Creek and the Halloween Flood

Darcia Datshkovsky

Shale and economic development in Mexico

Jesse Libra

Water quality and development in the Texas Hill Country


United States Thurs Dec 2



Evan Dart

Watershed characteristics and PAHs

Emily Palmer

Water pollution from dairy production in the Lower Yakima Valley

Sonny Kwon

Water pollution from bacteria in the Leon River basin

Dongyu Feng

Visualization of the SUNTANS model of San Francisco Bay

Rebecca Posa

Development and land use change in the Potomac River basin

Vivek Nath

Florida traffic analysis and road flood risk assessment

Cheng-Wei Yu

Soil Water balance in Southern California


Regional Thursday Dec 4



Jeff Bean

The ozone of Houston in September 2013

Faith Martinez

Socioeconomic effects of lignite mining in Texas

Catherine Birney

Geothermal energy in Texas